I have the best PHH in the world!


Doogle's Mommy
Oct 3, 2007
Okay, so I bought my first LV last January, a mono trouville. At the time I was having trouble deciding btw/ the trouville and the cabas piano. I felt like since it was my FIRST LV I needed something a little more dressy and not as relaxed as the cabas piano.
but the day after I bought the trouville I had second thoughts and wanted to exchange it for the piano, but for whatever reason I sucked it up and used my trouville every day for 6 months straight. Trust me, grocery shopping with a hand-held bag gets old! So I felt guilty for wanting to get another mono, and to fill this void that I felt for my cabas piano I bought other bags that were gorgeous, but just couldn't make me happy enough to forget the piano . Every time I saw another girl with one I would stare wistfully . I ended up selling a bunch of bags that I just didn't use/love enough to keep and I had been looking at cabas piano on ebay every once in a while the past 6 months, just keeping an eye out, because I didn't want to buy a brand new piano b/c of all the price increases and plus the vachetta bottom. So somehow by the grace of the handbag gods and alignment of the planets, an auction was ending last night and I told my hubby shyly about it, b/c he HATES handbags, esp my choice in expensive designer ones (:graucho:) and using his incredible skills, he helped me win MY cabas piano last night!!! I felt so ecstatic...it felt just like the first time I bought my LV :yahoo:!
Now my hubby asked me if this was going to hold me over for the next year and I can honestly say it will. I feel "complete" now with my handbag collection albeit it's small. But I have my cute hand-held trouville, my gorgeous mahina, and now my go-to everyday bag!!
I have to ask too, have you ladies ever felt complete? like there isn't any other bag out there for you to lust after once you got that one lust worthy piece that always got foiled? I felt like I was trying to get other bags to replace what I truly wanted...and Now that I have it, I want to believe that I won't keep trying to fill that void any longer.
I'll post pics when she gets here!! :nuts:
Aug 4, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I've got it bad and never feel complete. But, I have a gf who has the Neverfull PM and a scarf and honestly doesn't want another LV piece. Everyone is different. I can tell you one thing for sure. If you keep checking out tPF you will always find another LV that you want. Just a warning!
Congrats on your collection!


Oskar Waltz
May 8, 2007
Congrats on winning the Piano!! Cant wait to see pics. I know I wore mine for months straight and loved it, now its been in my closet for a long time, only to appear every once in a while. I agree, I never feel 'complete' but sometimes I will feel 'satisfied' for a short period of time, until i see something else that catches my eye. *sighs*


I left my heart in Sicily.
Dec 20, 2006
Yay for you! I love that your DH helped! He is definately not a hater in my book!

And, yes, I am very content with my collection. I have been content for a long time, but then again I do keep it fresh by selling pieces I own to finance new bags. The only time I was truly obsessed was with the Mirage Speedy. I sold off 4 bags in a rush to get that baby. I have been buying LV for 23 years and in all those years the Mirage was the only bag that causes such internal craziness for me!


Doogle's Mommy
Oct 3, 2007
^thank you ladies! I'm super excited...hopefully by the weekend...it's going to be a LONG week

^lol, I just want to be content at least until next year, but Spring/Summer bags always get me in a tizzy (sp)!!

p.s. I was just so shocked my hubby helped me, even though I got a slight scolding for it in the process, but he knew I had been craving this bag for over a year! Purse-Hating-Husband-That-Loves-To-Spoil-Wife PHHTLTSW, He just got upgraded!


LuVin' my babies!
Jan 24, 2008
i know what you mean! i have wanted the white MC speedy and the neo cabby for the longest time but for some reason i always end up buying something else. i would also keep checking these two from time to time. very happy that i finally got the neo cabby. would i ever feel "complete"? i don't think anytime soon as my wishlist seems to be going longer and longer! LOL!


Sep 2, 2006
United States
aw, that's so nice! :yes:
i am pretty content with my small LV collection...until the damier ebene galliera comes out that is!!!! :shocked:


miss my frank <3
Mar 8, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
What a great DH!!! congrats on your new to you Cabas Piano. I too have a great DH who totally indulges me and takes me to the boutique!! He understands my love for bags and will give his opinions on what he thinks is worth it and what isn't! I am close to my happy place..at least for a little while...I am glad you are too!! what a great story!! congrats!!!! :smile: