I have THE best mom EVER!!! Yummy leather bleeker flap!!

  1. My mom was with me when I picked up my brown signature bleeker large flap and knew how much I love it so she surprised me with a little present! She's ordered me the bleeker large flap in wine leather!!! How awesome is that?? She's never done something this big for me as usually she just doesn't have the money for it but she said she could spoil me this once! (yeah, like she hasn't spoiled me before being the only daughter out of 5 kids!) LOL! Isn't it funny how gifts from someone else mean so much more than when you buy it for yourself? I'm so excited! I can hardly wait until it arrives! Here's a stock photo until I get to take real life pics!! :yahoo::woohoo::wlae: And she's equally excited because she found herself a khaki patchwork Carly marked down 50% at Nords! It's so her! She loves it!

  2. Congrats! That wine is beautiful in person! Can't wait to see pics.
  3. You're so lucky!!
  4. Thanks! I already decided to reciprocate by buying her a nice bag for Christmas! It'll be fun to shop for her in return!
  5. Your Mom is amazing and that bag is TDF!! Personally, I was disappointed by the Bleeker duffles but the flap bags are great!!
  6. That is one GORGEOUS bag!!!! What a lovely color and wonderful shape!!!! I'm so happy for you! What a wonderful mom! Congrats!
  7. Congrats on your Bleeker Wine Flap. That is one gorgeous bag!
  8. Congragulations on your new bag and a great mom!
  9. Would your mom considering adopting me as her daughter ? My own has been gone for 7 years so I could use another mom, especially one like yours !!!!! You are one lucky gal !! Enjoy.:smile::heart:
  10. ^^ Aw, so sorry to hear that CaptianPicard. Mom's are the best no matter what age you are! I'm just grateful for a mom who understands my obsession! I don't have any shopping buddies here so when mom and I get together, we shop 'til we drop! We have a lot of fun together!
  11. What a great mom! I love the Bleeker flap bags. The wine color is gorgeous!!
  12. Absolutely beautiful congrats!
  13. Aww.. what a sweet mommy.
  14. Ooh that one is so beautiful!! I saw it in person the other day - just lovely. My mom and I are best shopping buddies too - isnt that the best?! Congrats on your new bag and your thoughtful mom!
  15. Ahhh love it! What a great mom you have!