I have the best FedEx guy!

  1. So I came home from work today to find the note on the door that the FedEx delivery had come by and DH was asleep and didn't answer the door. The door tag had instructions for in-person pick up after 6:00pm, or redelivery tomorrow.

    Okay, so I had to wait one more day for my new bag....I change into comfy clothes, turn on the laptop, and just as I'm ready to sit and log-in....the doorbell rings. It's my FedEx Delivery man again!

    He said "I was about to leave the neighborhood and saw your car so I turned around....I figured you'd want this today!" and gave me the smile and *wink*wink*. OF COURSE I WANTED IT TODAY!

    He's the coolest guy...has an Aussie accent, and always makes me giggle when he said "thanks mate". :okay:

    Today's deliveries:

    coach2.JPG coach3.JPG teacherofyear.JPG chocsig.JPG chocsigstripe.JPG
  2. ooh! What a great FedEx guy!

    I loooooooooove the box, the Apple and the bag! So gorgeous!
  3. I am really loving the new signature stripe bags!! Gorgeous!
  4. what a nice guy. That apple is way too cute.
  5. WOW! So beautiful, love your bag and your apple. Congrats!
    Thank goodness for the adorable FedEx delivery guy! :tup:
  6. what a wonderful fedex guy! that's so funny, youre hubby didn't hear the doorbell becuase he was sleeping so soundly. lol, i couldn't sleep if i was expecting a coach bag in the mail! ahhaha

    congrats on your haul! the apple keyfob is adooorable! and that sig tote! i've not seen that color combo before, niiiice!
  7. i love the apple...i have this UPS guy that comes to my neighborhood...sooo cute...
    one time i looked a mess (messy hair, no bra, ripped pajama shirt) and he came to my door..
    at first i wasnt going to answer but i had ordered some shoes, plus he was so hot, i opened the door,,,i couldnt help it!!
    i signed my name and i looked up at him and he was looking at my nipples!!!
    god i was embarrassed...but i didnt care, i got my shoes!
  8. That is a beautiful tote!
  9. GREAT bag! I LOVE signature stripe!!! CONGRATS and what a REALLY great FedEx guy!!!!
  10. Those are delicious together!:drool:
  11. Aww, how nice of him!!
  12. That bag is seriously gorgeous in brown signature, and the bronze is so classy! LOVE IT!
  13. wow.. the combination of the apple and your tote is too cute..:yahoo:
  14. That was so nice of him! So many would have just continued their day. Love your new goodies by the way. The tote is gorgeous and the apple looks really good on it.
  15. aww thats great..Wow the apple with the bag is amazing..Now I am thinking of getting the same set!!! Congrats:yahoo: