I Have the Balenciaga Blues - Bad!!! Bleuet Oval, Anthracite & Bleu Glacier Money

  1. OMG I am fairly bursting at the seems to show you all my new treasure :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I got home from a really stupid morning at work and found two packages on my doorstep. I thought no way are those my bbags cause I asked for Sig Required on those packages. But I grabbed them: one was from Bal Paris and the other was from Nordies :nuts:

    Here is my newest bbag love!!! A gorgeous, super perfect Cornflower Oval!!!


    LOL: I put the pepsi can in there as a point of reference for the color
  2. Here she is with the ANTHRACITE wallet (OMG, on what planet does this look like the ocean?!?!?!) and Mom's (yup, she claimed it) Bleu Glacier money wallets:

  3. Is this the "ocean" color that your SA sent you? Don't you just LOVE Balenciaga "Blues"?
  4. Close-ups of the gorgeous spectacular silky soft wondermous leather (can you tell I am in :heart: with that cornflower!!!):

  5. Yay! You got your oval clutch! She is a beauty:love: Big congrats:yahoo:
  6. Actually no, LOL!! I hunted this down in Bal Paris after I got the anti-climactic griege and truffle ovals. It's the best blue ever!!! :yes:

    The "ocean" the SA sent was from Nordies-- it turned out to be Anthracite. WTF??!?! :wtf:

  7. Those are beautiful! I've never seen the Anthracite up against a blue before....totally changes the dimensions of color. Very, very nice!
  8. C O N G R A T S !!!! Love the Oval Clutch:yahoo:
  9. Wow!! Gorgeous!! I think I need to consider some accessories in Cornflower, because that is one gorgeous blue!! :yes:
  10. As I mentioned before, I have heard of SAs stating that anthracite looks like a stormy ocean at night, so I guess that's what's going on here.

    Otherwise, these are a couple of lovely wallets and an oval clutch. Money wallet rock!!
  11. I love the oval clutch - and I love cornflower blue. :heart:
  12. Love them all! Especially love the cornflower. The color is so rich and the leather looks silky soft
  13. Lovin the Blues :smile: Congrats!
  14. Yummmmm...love everyone of them! I like that you put that can of pepsi in your photo - makes figuring out how big it is soooo much easier!
  15. Love your oval!!! It look fab in cornflower.......it's such a pretty color. Are you keeping your "ocean" wallet? WTF?:roflmfao: If you still want something bright, I think people have mentioned seeing vg and fb moneys around even aqua which I consider a caribbean blue.