I have that bag!

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  1. Do you find it embarrassing when you are out and you notice that the woman (or women) next to you have the exact same bag as you do? I know it's just a bag, and I know you shouldn't care what people think, but I find it embarrassing. :shame: I kinda view it the same as someone wearing the exact same outfit as I am. And it's not with just my Dooneys but also with my LVs (and the other womens' bags are always authentic). Except with LV it's worse because you see the woman check out your bag too and quickly look away.

    This is def. a good reason for me to get away from the LV monogram, or at least, stay away from styles that seem popular in LV. Anyone with the same sentiment?
  2. Sorry, but no. I feel that person has as much good taste as I do and usually we exchange a knowing look or smile.
  3. Honestly, this has not happened to me yet (probably due to where I live). However, I do remember going to my boyfriends senior prom and not one, but TWO other girls had the same gown I had. I just wanted to hide in the bathroom all night.
  4. Ummm, no it's never happened to me. But I can understand how you feel because I hate pulling up to a red light next to someone driving the same truck as me. I always skid off as fast as I can when the light turns green. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why this bothers me!?
  5. Where I am I NEVER see anyone carrying bags like I have!! LOL! I buy what I like though and wouldn't worry about my handbag matching someone else's. I'd feel more uncomfortable wearing the same outfit. I think you can also 'personalize' your bag by adding a pretty scarf or some charms to it. But if it does bother you, I'd say yes, you should probably change brands or at least styles so you'll be happier. But I think it's most important to buy what you love and what you'll use! :yes:
  6. I hate it when the people I'm with order the same food as me. Maybe I just want to be considered "original"? :biggrin:
  7. Well, I still love my bags...I'm just a little bothered lately that all I have is monogram. And I don't know why I get bugged when I see another person with my bag, but I do! I've become attracted to styles (ie, the LV Noe) that aren't really that popular with other people.
  8. Nope, I just laugh it off...I am outgoing, so I usually say something like....

    "Wow, LOVE your bag! You have great taste!" and then we both can have a laugh ;)
  9. Not so much with bags. I don't mind that. But with clothes yeah definetely
  10. nah, it's like youre part of the same overindulging club.
  11. No - I never get embarrassesed if someone has the same bag (it's only happened a couple of times). I figure they have great taste too:P
  12. I love bags, but for some reason rarely notice what someone else is carrying, that is unless I'm sitting idly at a counter waiting for something. I don't recall ever noticing anyone carrying the same person that I was carrying at the time, but if I did, I don't think it would bother me.
  13. I'd be a little sheepish but wouldn't necessarily hate it. I see how it'd get annoying if it happened over and over again though.
  14. No, it doesn't bother me. The same outfit...that's another story!
  15. This happened to me once and the bag wasn't a common one either (YSL flower bag)... and it wasn't even current season. We were in the same store in New York... i saw her bag and was like OH GAWD! LOL