I have taught my DH well!

  1. He called me from work a few minutes ago. He said a lady was in his office and had a Coach purse with pink leather trim. He had never seen one like that so he started looking at it to make sure the C's lined up, etc. He said it was real because everything added up! He always starts up conversations with ladies that come in with designer bags. Its so funny that he knows more about them than the women that work in the same office!:graucho: I thought this was too funny and just had to share.
  2. You have taught him very well, good job! :tup: It sounds like he actually knows more than me too! I have to start paying attention to purses when I go out, I've been oblivious.
  3. :roflmfao:

    You HAVE taught him well, what a funny story, thanks for sharing!!
  4. OMG! how funny! you sure did teach your dh well! lol, thx for sharing!
  5. TOO funny! I need to teach my DH a Coach thing or two....:yes:
  6. That's great! My DH steadfastly refuses to learn...however, when we go out together, he's always curious if a Coach that we spot is fake or not!

    My 11 year old, on the other hand, is becoming quite the little pro at picking out the obvious fakes. She wants to know all the ins and outs so she can pick up on the better fakes!