I have sucessfully trained my boy

  1. To spot and mock GOACH. lol. We were in this accessory store in the mall and he pointed and whispered "Look- pretty Goach!"
    I'm so proud. He's my best tool at finding Coach at TJMaxx too- He goes through the racks with me and usually finds them before I do. My mom is just no good at that.

    I think we need a dedicated thread for all our cute Coach partners in crime stories ;)
  2. Great story and great thread idea!

    My bf makes Goach comments too! he's so proud of himself that he knows the difference between actual Coach and imposters!

    he's great at finding things for me too! especially when we're at the outlets he'll walk around and bring me things he think i'll like. He's also handy if i hand him something and say "go find this in black" (for example).

    Good Boys!
  3. my 6 year old is hysterical. He will spot out LV and Coach all the time. When we were at Saks, we were looking in LV and right across from there is Chanel which he called channel, like the channels on the TV, it was pretty cute.
  4. My 3 year old son isn't quite there yet, but when we all went out last week, my 15 year old son pointed out all the coach sig bags for me! It was sweet! My husband does this now too!!!
  5. That is so sweet! I love all these stories, just too cute.
  6. hahah too cute!!
  7. too funny!
  8. My bf can spot them now, he asks me when he sees a Coach whether it's a "good Coach" or a "bad Coach," ie whether it's a Coach I would wear or not. I haven't taught him about fakes yet, I better get on that!
  9. My 2 y/o son says "oh it's a handbag" ? I had to explain to him that little boys have backpacks instead but I love his enthusiasm ! He loves the coach store near us, all the girls are so nice to him !
  10. when we were at Rodeo (when my older son (6) spilled my coke), my younger son (3) picked up the choc sig carly wristlet and put it on his shoulder and said look at my purse...........I'm cutie!

    It was cute but yet as the same time NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
  11. My bf can sometimes "talk coach" with me -- he's learning.. I guess the longer I have the obsession w/Coach, the better he'll get at paying attention to all things Coach. He means well, but honestly purses just aren't that interesting to dudes..lol
    Now if I was talking about sportscars or paintball guns or cleavage from vicki's secret bras, I think he'd pay a bit more attention.. :rolleyes:
  12. my bf just laughs whenever I have a new COACH item. he thinks it's completely different than him buying music equpiment??? i don't see the difference. but the important thing is that he will buy me COACH stuff if I reaaalllyy want it. He has bought my a Legacy bag, a wallet, and the trigger-snap key fob. So i can't complain! oh he also saves the catalogs he get for me. and he gave me the PCE card he received in the mail(in March). :smile:
  13. My hubby picked up breakfast from McDonald's today and was all excited because he saw a lady carrying a cotton sig carly in there. He came home and said, let's see if I can find it on the Coach site, and then he did. Then we ended up at the Coach store where I bought my own carly. I love my hubby. :heart: :love: :tender:
  14. Now that's sweet. :biggrin:
  15. My boys don't really care or pay attention (they will soon turn 4 & 5). DH thinks the whole designer purse thing is a huge racket; however, he has seen the way my coach bags have lasted & he did buy me a kate spade for my birthday. He still can't fathom Hermes, though! :nuts: