I have succumbed to the lure of the GH

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  1. Here is my new baby. I hope she stays clean and pristine:

  2. Gorgeous bag!
  3. ooohh...lovely, ronda! congrats on your new baby!
  4. Welcome to the GH side! That bag is INSANE. Congrats!!!!
  5. Gorgeous, Rondafaye! :drool: Congratulations!
  6. Congrats Rondafaye!!!!! She's gorgeous!! LOVE white bags... :love:

  7. Very striking. Love it.:wlae:
  8. I was thinking the EXACT same thing, then I scrolled down and you beat me to it!
  9. Gorgeous. :love: I love white bags and I like the GH on the white and natural bags. I'm waiting on the new style hobo to come in and that will be my one and only GH purchase.
    Your bag is beautiful. Enjoy and congratulations!
  10. It's stunning! The white looks so good with the gold hardware :yes:
  11. Your bag is beautiful! Congratulations! You are surely going to enjoy her.
  12. Ronda, it's beautiful. I think the white hobo with GH is the most beautiful of the GH bags. Glad you pulled the trigger on it.
  13. Rondafaye, we now have the same bag and I think striking is just the right word for it.
  14. gorgeous! loving the color with the hardware!
  15. Ronda Girl that is gorgeous.:drool: I saw the same color when i bought my Cafe and i almost got that one first. Enjoy it.:heart: