i have store credit

  1. of 150... what should i get?
  2. nothin lol save up more!!
  3. add $100 and get a wapity
  4. a simple card holder if you really need one. I have one in mocha epi ($155) and i love it! Its very flat and compact which holds my credit cards, drivers license, and cash in the middle pocket when I'm on the run.
  5. I'd save more $ and get a bag. =) Unless I really want a wallet.
  6. save it!
  7. Put It Towards Something Else!!! Enjoy!
  8. how about the bandeau? how much is it?
  9. A keychain?
  10. i'm going to say: save a bit more and get something then!
  11. a cles.
  12. i second the cles!
  13. no one knows how much the bandeau is?

    i guess ima pay the difference to get the epi card holder for my husband.. it's slightly smaller than the taiga.. he wants something small
  14. How about get a dog collar for Louie if he doesn't already have it.
  15. oh no... for Louie.. he's gonna eat it..
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