I have soo many Questions!

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  1. Fellow TPF'ers I was wondering about something...now its bugging me. Every year we see some stunning bags on the runway and when it comes to their release, we see that some bags did not make the cut. So I was just wondering what actually happens to those bags that do not make it?

    surely they don't just throw them away?
  2. I don't think they produce enough that they'll be losing money. I highly doubt they throw out anything used for the runway...if they did...well, that's just a waste of creativity, imagination, and a lot of time and money. :sad:

    What I am going to assume is that the models (or celebrities like Beckham, lol) can buy it, making it even more limited edition than ever.
  3. im pretty sure that celebs and vips have the option to buy those bags or they are kept by the company.
  4. I work in the industry and whatever doesn't get archived for future reference shows up in sample sales.
  5. thanks everyone!
  6. just another thought... where would I be able to find it? I really love this bag...

    what are sample sales and when do they occur?
  7. I don't believe that Louis Vuitton has sample sales. My SA told me that anybody who works in corporate gets the chance to carry the Runway bags first, and if they pass on them then they go down the food chain. For example, there is a Cheche Bohemian on display in the store that I always shop at. I noticed that one of the snaps was missing, and thats when my SA told me that somebody probably already reserved it up in corporate since they can't sell the bag because it's damaged.
  8. ok, thanks!
    I guess i'll have to pass on it..... :sad:
  9. Saraguz I haven't heard of a LV sample sale yet (could you imagine the insanity if they did!) however I have heard of the list (not sure if this still happens) of customer returns that were available at 70% off for LV employees first come first serve.

  10. THAT I'd heard of too...But not a "sample sale." Either way...I'd LVOE to get a real LV for 70% off!
  11. I know that LV doesn't have sample sales...that's what I was telling the OP.
  12. Some runway designs were never meant for sale. It is after all, still a fashion show.
  13. I know from a very good source which I can't name, that some bags go to shootings though never make it to production. . .

    I never heard of an LV samplesale, but there are special "sample sales" especially for people working in the industrie (fashion-press) maybe some bags go there too.

    most design houses have big storage hangars there they collect everything they produced. . . so maybe some bags go straight from runway too

    soo many maybys. . . the thing is we will probably never know because even when you work as a receptionist in that industry you have to sign a confidential agreement
  14. Absolutely NO sample sales, and employees don't get near that much of a discount!