I have some legacy on hold!!

  1. I called and the pond was gone, but I was expecting that:crybaby:

    BUT I got them to hold a Black Ali, a Black satchel and a I think she said "Camel" Satchel... I'm gonna try to get there by Wednesday morning!!

    I totally forgot to ask how much the satchels were.. anyone know?
  2. i think they were $409 plus 20% off
  3. WOOT WOOT! Go Tara! Go Tara! :roflmfao::angel:
  4. Lucky you! I called the new outlets in Limerick and what an experience! I was transferred to four different people, and had to explain that I liked the 2006 stuff better, saw on a website they were at the outlets, and wanted to call before I made the trip up. If I didn't like them so much I'd have given up.
  5. I got the satchels (pond & whiskey) on Saturday w/ an extra 10% off.. ended up being about $297.xx!! If it's the 06 satchel, I believe the color was Khaki, not Camel.
  6. Did anyone see any french framed purses (wallets)in pond in the new england area ?

  7. Thanks! You are right.. it is Khaki! I couldn't remember what color she said.. LOL
  8. way to go, Tara! I hope you get some lovely Coach at bargain prices! Don't forget to post pics!