I have some Ali Questions!

  1. So I'm debating on getting a white Ali - off eBay because there are none in my outlet. I have a few questions though:

    Is the flap easy to get in/out of? I don't own any flap bags because I'm always afraid they will be hard to deal with when I'm in a hurry.

    Does the white have color transfer? And is there a way to protect my bag from this happening? I wear a lot of dark colors.

    I'm 5'4" and 120 pounds. Will this bag overpower me? I hear it's bigger than it seems.

    Finally, how much would you pay for one? I know in the outlets they were about $216, but since my outlet doesn't have any...I've seen anywhere from $270-$320.

    TIA everyone!
  2. I bought one on eBay a few weeks ago. I haven't used her yet so I'm not sure about the flap yet. As for color transfer I have heard she does get some from dark clothing. I read in the Ali Support Group thread how to care for white Legacy leather~I recommend you read it!!
    I am 5'2 and I think she looks good on me!
    For prices, yikes, I'm not sure~~how bad do you want it?? lol! But really, I bought a used one for $138, she had some marks on the back but I did get them to lighten.
    Here's the thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/ali-support-group-152300.html
    Good luck!
  3. I have a whiskey ali that I got for Christmas and it's just the BEST bag. The flap is actually easier than a zipper for me because I just let it hang without fastening the turnlock most of the time. My only complaint about this bag is that it's much heavier than my other bags. My shoulder gets sore if I'm carrying it too long. Other than that I love it. And it gets a lot of compliments! I love the Ali in white, it's so beautiful!! I bought my whiskey one from an outlet and paid over $250 for it, so the prices on eBay aren't really that bad. Especially since you can't get one at your outlet. HTH.
  4. I have a white Ali and I adore her. :love: As for the flap, to me it is no big deal because it closes it off and secures my things but I can get the flap open without taking her off my shoulder.. so to me it is no issue at all. :okay: Color transfer has happened to some people with denim, make sure your dark colors and denims have been washed many times and just be careful. You might also want to condition her with apple conditioner first as that might help with the coloring. Size wise, it is not a huge bag, but on the larger size.. but I am 5'10" so I cannot help you there. :p It is a beautiful bag that you will get many compliments on and it looks great with any outfit!!! At the outlets they were $215 before Christmas, then went back up to $239 and then you have to pay tax on top of that. Anyone selling them on Ebay has to pay about 8-9% in fees to paypal and ebay combined so just to break even you will see them in the $275 and up if they got them after Christmas. Good Luck, it 's a beautiful bag! :tup:
  5. Is your Ali actually called white or is it parchment? Thanks!
  6. I bought my white Ali on ebay NWT for 250 and it is perfect. I don't mind the flap, and I like the size on me.. I am 5'4 but I am much bigger than you in weight ;)

    I suggest conditioning the White Ali with Apple Conditioner before you use it. It may help if there is a color transfer incident. I have not had a problem with color transfer at all, yet :sweatdrop:
  7. Thanks everyone! I am definitely considering Ali as my spring/summer bag.
  8. She's not as fragile as some would think . . . but do be cautious of new denim, I am also suspicious of fabrics that bleed . . . I'm 5'3" 125# not overwhelming at all . . . she slouches, the strap is a great length over the shoulder or on the arm. I am not a zipper fan . . . the flap is great for me, easy to get in to. The flap on the new shoulder flap is/was a bit toooooooo long for me. It's called white, not parchment (unless Coach changed the name!?!) but she's more of a chalk white/milk white not bright.
  9. I LOVE my Ali!!! The turn lock is very easy to open. Mine is opens like butter! I am 5'2" and well let's not speak of my weight, and it looks good on me :graucho:
  10. No problem getting into the bag with it on my shoulder and little ones in tow. I am able to do it using the hand the on the side the bag is being carried on. :wondering Okay just read it and it makes no sense.

    Carrying bag on right shoulder and phone ringing? Can open flap and reach into pocket with right hand. Never letting a child go....never missing a call....never breaking a sweat. PRICELESS! :drinkup:

    Seriously, it is the best! I say go for it!
  11. My Ali is whiskey, so I don't know about color transfer. As for the flap, I don't find any problem with it at all. I can actually access the inside of my bag very easily while it is still on my shoulder. I'm 5'3 and I don't feel that the bag is too large at all. It is such a sharp looking bag. In my opinion, this bag really epitomizes what a Coach bag should be. I bought Coach bags way back when they were just all leather and very classic. I guess that's why the Ali appeals to me, it has that classic saddle bag look. The leather is wonderful and anyone looking at the bag you're carrying knows that it is really good leather and quality, even if they don't know anything about Coach. Can you tell I love mine??? :woohoo::love::yahoo:
  12. I love my Ali and wouldn't trade her for anything else but the flap is a little annoying and that is mostly due to the fact that I don't want to put her down anywhere so I have to access my stuff while it is on my shoulder. I would go for it. I had the option to get mine in white, black, whiskey and khaki/ebony and I chose black. I love the look of the other colors but black was the best one for me. I love the look of the white Ali so if you think you won't worry about her so much then get it but I would still be carefull of color transfer esp if you are petite it may rub on your jeans. Please post pictures if you get it !
  13. Yep, it's called white.. it's a beautiful color!!! :love: I agree with the others and like I said before, the flap is SO easy to get in/out of while on your shoulder, she's a gem! And that legacy lining against the white?!!?? :tender:
  14. here are a few pics of mine :p

  15. I have a white Ali and I looooooooooooooooooove it!! Love it, love it!! It's a nice sized bag, more on the medium/large side but I don't feel it's "overpowering." As far as color transfer goes, it definitely does... and I've found not just for new clothing. I bought the Applegard conditioner and conditioned it well before I used it. The first time I used the Ali I wore a new black shirt and that was a huge mistake. Half the back of my bag turned gray, but I used the Applegard to get it out and thankfully it did!! The next time, I got denim transfer on my bag on a pair of jeans that were semi-new. Since buying the white Ali I've washed that first black shirt over a dozen times and the color STILL transfers on the back - just not as strong as the first time around. Each time I get color transfer on it, I buff it out with the Applegard.

    Oh yeah, and the flap is a little cumbersome for me... I usually have to put the bag down or shift it against my body to open the flap and look inside. Normally I wouldn't deal with "crap" from a bag, but it's sooooooooo gorgeous that I let it slide. Hehehe.