I have sold on Ebay Bonanzle and Etsy And Hands Down Etsy Has the worst buyers they

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  1. do not read You bend over backwards and they complain.They send rude conversations.I just had someone purchase a piece of jewelry Sunday She paid Sunday. Late Monday afternoon she tells me I need it immediately I will pay for overnight shipping I invoice her for the overnight shipping I tell her she must pay before 9 am Tuesday as I have to leave and mail the package by than because I am in a meeting all day after that.She doesnt respond in email or b paying the invoice I email her at 8:50AM Im canceling the shipping invoice and mailing priority 3 hours after I mail the package and send her the tracking info she tells me to charge her for overnight.Obviously not reading my conversations that I shipped priority.

    Now she is angry and doesnt understand I made a special trip yesterday to the post office at 9 AM the only time I could send it yesterday .Also would anyone ship without getting the addition 15$ postage for overnight shipping?Of course not.

    This is one of several unpleasant people I have been lucky enough to cross paths with on etsy

    No matter what you do they will never be satisfied
  2. I buy on Etsy and it has quite a different vibe to eBay. People seem to be a lot more polite/friendly on Etsy at the start of a transaction but I've always wondered how this works out if the transaction is unsatisfactory on either side - there are comparatively fewer negs left on Etsy, too. I'm not sure of their dispute rules or how they try and work it out. Hopefully someone who sells on Etsy has some advice. And hopefully Etsy allows buyers AND sellers to leave honest FB. Good luck to you.
  3. I only buy on etsy and nver had any problems. . . but I could tell you stories about ebay buyers who don't read listings or mails!
    like when i state in a listing in big fat letters that I go on a short trip and if the winner doesn't pay till day X I will have to send out the item 5 days later when I'm back home. Guess what, during my trip I got an angry email from the buyer complaining that item was still not received. . . or this week a buyer complained that a bag I sold wasn't new because the additional shoulderstrap was unwrapped (normaly comes wrapped in paper). . . that's ok, but I opend the strap-package to take photos for the auction and if she would have looked on the picturesin the listing, she would have seen this. . .

    don't let you get down, buy plain stupid buyers. . .
  4. I think you can have a bad buyer/ seller on any site. Sorry you had a bad experience.
  5. ^i agree...

    I have never heard of etsy before...maybe I should check them out! :smile: