I have seen the Damier Zippy wallet -- NOT ORGANIZER!

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  1. Apparently this is a recent release, because I don't think I had ever seen one before. Formerly only available in vernis, epi, and mini lin, the zippy wallet is now available in brown and azur Damier canvas for $595.

    It is on louisvuitton.com but not elux. Of course. But this is the wallet in vernis.


    I have vowed for a while now that if this wallet ever came out in Damier I would buy it... apparently my wish has been granted. But I am on a ban!!! Waaahh...

    what to do????
  2. I LOVE the zippy wallet!
  3. What's the latest on the price increase rumors?
  4. I just got this wallet last year in black epi - it was my understanding that it was already available in both mono and damier? I could be wrong - but I am pretty sure the only addition they made last Sept was the epi. Whatever - the point is, I have the wallet and I love it. It hold a tonne - everything fits perfectly and it is really solid. Love the zip b/c NOTHING falls out! Only drawback is that it IS BIG - not organizer big, but big for a wallet.

    Get it!
  5. It used to be made in damier but was slightly different, hard to explain but there was less space inside. Anyway the SA told me they started making it recently and I have been looking around for it for many months.

    I love this style for a long wallet... I used to have one in Coach canvas but I think LV would be better (plus more cc slots).
  6. Here is the older damier zippy style



    I didn't really like it at all.
  7. I would get that new wallet, it will hold much more than your wallet that you have now. Plus it's not really breaking your ban as it's just around $600.00 and you need it. But how much did your older wallet hold?
  8. I saw this on vuitton.com about a month ago. This was bound to happen, as I purchased it in monogram in October. :crybaby:
  9. break the ban!
  10. I am going to LV this weekend to buy some luggage and will pick up the azur Damier zippy wallet. can't wait
  11. ^^ Oh, you haveta post pics of the luggage & the Damier Zippy Wallet! Can't wait! :yes:
  12. Right now I have two different Koala wallets, which I love, but I have been holding out for a LV longer wallet since I loved this style but didn't want it in the other materials.

    Ugh... my poor CC bill. If there isn't a price increase coming up, I can wait a few more weeks. Also I am trying to sell one of my bags and want to get that done first to free up some cash! Argh!

    Ooooh my Saleya PM will be so happy!!
  13. this is the wallet on top of my wallet wish list. LOL....either this pochette wallet.

    I think you should get it!!!!
  14. i think in tpf land, a vow definitely outweighs a ban! :p

    just remember, vow > ban :graucho:
  15. Hahaha, good to know.
    That's a really nice wallet, jane! :graucho: