I have searched and can't find info....


Aug 21, 2008
I remember this being dicussed a few times but can't find the right thread, sorry to bring it UP again. I recently came into possession of a walnut legacy Leigh. The bag itself is in great condition BUT the brass hardware has turned the leather around it DARK and there's green all over the hardware and the white threading that's near the hardware is now green. I can't remember the exact "term" for this. What has been done about this in the past?? It looks too far gone to clean up. If it would have been caught right away by the previous owner maybe BUT it's really pretty bad. Also the the sealent on the edges of the leather is bad in quite a few places. Do you all think it's just best to send it into Coach???

I'll post pic's ASAP but the gal's I'm seeking answers from will know what I'm talking about!!!

TIA ladies!!! What a shame...I really needed a good brown leather bag, I guess this one won't be it?!
Jul 4, 2008
Lovecoachmore I have the same problem with my black carly signature. Its just the nature of the brass. What I did I got a toothpick and just use it to remove the green stuff. It is gone now. If it comes back I'll do it again.