I have SA potential !!

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  1. I was in LV looking at bags and I was wearing my Burberry Marshal Bag.. anyways as I was looking at the bags these two guys were looking at the speedies. So one of the guys looks at me and (This is the dialouge to make it easier)
    Guy: How old are you?
    Me: 21
    Guy: okay perfect my girlfriend is the same age and I'm getting her a bag as a surprise and I like your bag so now I'm torn between LV and burberry.What do you think?
    Me: umm..I have both really and love both so I dont know.
    Guy: Ok come with me to burberry ( we were in the mall and the section of designer brands are all next to each other)
    So i go with him and his friend and my friends are left behind in LV and I was modeling bags for him in Burberry.. and we chose for his girlfriend the same style of my bag but the small satchel.
    He made me laugh because he cant ask her what brand she likes because he's surprising her and his plane leaves in 2 hours!!
    So he ended up with my recommendation and I told the Burberry SA that I'm the one who should a commission for his purchase!!! Ofcourse she just laughed it off..
    Now i'm just imagining his GF reaction and how happy she must be now !!
  2. Great - I love that story... I wouldn't mind modeling with a couple of bags...
    Regina :tup:
  3. how cute for the guy to spend that much money on such a lovely item. I remember I was at Nordstroms and this couple was at the handbag section and so was I. And the girlfriend was telling her boy friend that she liked this bag which were marc Jacobs and L.A.M.B.. And when her boyfriend looked at the price tag on the bags he said " WTF?!? Who the f*** would pay soo much d*** money for this piece of s***, sweetie why do you like these bags?!" I just looked back and was like how rude on him saying that to his gf. Yeah I know the bags were expensive but dont need to be soo rude.

    I am glad that the boyfriend thought very kindly on buying a Burberry bag even if it was expensive. I just hope his gf liked the bag. All I have to say is that story was soo nice to hear.
  4. That is a nice story! I'm sure she'll love it!
  5. oh wow...that must have been soooo much fun. I LOVE to help people shop! Its a ture pleasure...