i have ruined my dog and now its pay back time

  1. i thought i would share my latest dog storey with you.
    iv got a 12 year old english cocker spaniel who has always been my baby.recently she stoped eating (apart from toast rice and scrambled eggs) so i got concerned and took her to the vets. after severl tests the vet told us there is nothing wrong with her apart from her eyesight. so it seems she has decided she no longer likes dog food and wants to eat like a queen!
    iv even tried spreading dog food on toast (not easy at 6 in the morning) and she some how managed to eat the toast and leave the dog food!

    how am i gong to go on holiday now? i dont think she would understand why the kennel people wont make her tast and eggs on a morning.
    she also has a bad snoring problem.
  2. Have you tried making an omelette mixed with dog food? :confused1:
  3. That's strange, that she would just stop eating suddenly. You might consider a second opinion, just in case :yes: I've done that once before.

    Maybe she just tired of her usual kibble; do you change it out on occasion? Might try a grainless food or just a different flavor! :smile: Wellness and By Nature Organics make an almost pure meat soft food, that might appeal to them if you haven't tried it. My dogs are finicky about quick canned foods, but sometimes they get a bit of one of those brands, and they like it! Some kibbles my babies have liked are Timberwolf, Artemis, Fromms...I've heard it's good, but haven't tried, Orijen.

    Hmm...my dogs eat one cooked meal each or every other day. I cook chicken/veal/lamb/turkey/beef with a combination of veggies, and the leftovers I put in the fridge for the next day (never longer than one day though). You may be able to freeze it in air tight bags/containers and give them to the people that run the kennel.
  4. ^LOL you need to add 'personal chef' to your resume!! :smile:
  5. LOL

    I started to feed a poor starving pregnant stray cat but the little blighter is so fussy & won't eat cat food only chicken & fish from my own fair kitchen LOL
  6. lol yeah I know, it's sad :p One day I was in Harris Teeter selecting meat, and the butcher asked me what I was using it for...replying "food for my Chihuahuas" will get you some bizarre looks...
  7. ^ I think its great! Your Chis are so lucky!!

  8. lol that and "short order cook"! I can't answer why your pup didn't eat but I CAN tell you when I got my 2nd dachshund she wouldn't eat her (very expensive) kibble. I commenced to cooking her rice and chicken 2x per day. I took her to the vet who promtly told me to "knock that sh%% off" and feed her dog food at normal meal times. Animals will not starve themselves. So I took the vet's advice and lo and behold.. Ms Picky eater started chowing down after 1.5 days. 5 years later she still eats like a champ.

    Good luck to op! :tup:
  9. You took the words right out of my mouth!
  10. Also, maybe you could use low cholesterol eggs. I love eggs and cheese in the morning but it's not good for the health if eaten too frequently. Mmmmm... cheesy eggs... gotta get breakfast now!