I have reported over 100 fakes!

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  1. I reported over one hundred fake Louis Vuitton bags on eBay the other day, and I even gave resons why they were fake!...

    I was browsing allmost all day today for my next "throw around" bag and noticed that every single bag I remembered reporting are still there and bids have gone up into the ###.## range! Why is this happening? Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. I had the same problem!! I reported many, many hermes birkin bags that were all being sold by the same fraudulent seller...and all in the 7,000 to 10,000 USD range!! Ebay would send me the courtesy email that they received my complaint, but only about 20% of the time they would remove the bags!! I completely understand how frustrating that is!!
  3. Good for you and your efforts! Ebay really needs to be on the ball on these. There are just too many scammers out there, and it is truly a "buyers beware" world. I am not sure how the new Ebay Protection works, I once got scammed on a Coach bag but Paypal Protection took care of that.

    I have been lucky to get 2 great LV buys from ebay, but I am getting faint hearted lately.
  4. I'm honestly too scared. Fakes are just too good. I would always be thinking "hrmm.. really? Are you real?" haha I'm sure since I have a couple LV's now, it would be easier for me to spot a fake IRL, but it's still scary. I've reported 1 bag before and nothing happend, they really need to get better at regulating that and getting those bags off! I try to stay away so I'm not even tempted honestly!
  5. Well, I think if eBay cant be on the ball then they should not sell bags. I got scammed two months ago for a Mini Lockit Vertical, paid BIG money for it, and I received a parcel One MONTH after I paid and it was a disgusting fake Lockit GM Vertical!!! ARGGGHHHH! eBay went in the sellers favor because the picture on the ad was of an authentic bag, I guess they didnt believe me.. I actually still have the bag because I cant make myself throw away a $729 dollar bag. Paypal nor eBay was helpfull to me at all!
  6. I really think ebay has slacked off in the last year. They need to do a better job.

  7. That's horrible! Did you pay with your credit card? You could call your credit card company for a charge back. It's clearly a bait and switch case. They sent you a totally different, fake bag and you're entitled to a refund from Paypal.

  8. Whoa! That's horrible! I can't believe that neither ebay nor paypal would help you. And then you go on ebay and they boasts their "extensive buyer protection", what a joke.
  9. i paid with my bank account linked to papal... even the bank wanted nothing to do with it. grrrr!
  10. Yikes! That is so scary!

    Were they mostly mono? Or others too?
  11. most of them were mono, but the rest were mono multicolore
  12. Yep been reporting a ton of fakes too and ebay does NOTHING!!! I make sure to note why it's fake!! I don't understand why they do nothing about it :sad:
  13. This is sick and wrong the way ebay takes it at as a joke.
  14. This thread better belongs in the eBay forum. :yes:
  15. all i have to say is :censor::mad::rant::cursing: welcome to the fan club ebay has done me the same as well.