I have received my Vert Deau G Hardware!!


    in one day. but prob because i live in boston and i bought it from BALNY


    derno if i fully like it but im sure ill prob end up keeping it
  2. absolutely gorgeous! congrats...great size choice too!!
  3. That is a great looking bag! Congrats! :yes:
  4. Pretty! The more pics I see of vert d'eau, the more I like it. I love the work with GH, too. How heavy is it?
  5. ^ it really isnt heavy at all. a lil heavier than the black city i have
  6. It's beautiful! I definitely like the GH on the work size~~ and the Vert D'eau is a lovely match. I'm enjoying my Vert D'eau regular city. Just looking at the color cheers me up. You'll be suprised how easy it is to match that color to various outfits. Enjoy your bag! :smile:
  7. Wow! It is beautiful, femme.fatale. Your pics show the color very well, it looks very distinctive and lovely. Any pics of you wearing it? I've been contemplating getting a work lately, too.
  8. I :heart: LOVE :heart: it ... this is DEFINITELY the color I'm going to buy this year!!! However, I'm finding that the City bags aren't really big enough for me ... so it's going to have to be a Work or Weekender (although I have yet to see a Weekender with the Giant Hardware).

    I just hope that by the time I get the funds together, they aren't all SOLD out!
  9. the bag is quite ginormous for me because im a tiny girl, 5'7'' 90 lbs but i love big bags so im quite content

  10. OMG! It looks so good on you!!! Now I officially want a work, dang it. I'm :push: because I'm both shorter than you and weigh more :p , but hopefully it would look good on me too. I like that it seems to fit on the shoulder more easily than the City, mine is tight when I wear it w/ jackets. Anyways, :heart: your gorgeous bag, congrats!
  11. Yummy looking leather!
  12. Oh my god ... my Weekender probably weighs 90 lbs!!!

    I just got the Blue India Weekender (to replace what I thought was the Rouge Vif Quilted) ... now I wish I had gotten the Vert D'eau ... NUTS!!!
  13. Congrats on your beautiful bag, that leather looks amazing!

    BTW, I love that UPS ground only takes one day to get from Bal NY to the Boston area.
  14. femme.fatale that bag is gorgeous.:yes:
  15. OMG that bag is absolutely gorgeous. :drool: :drool: :drool: