I have really fallen for the MC Carnet de Bal in black. Any reasons not to buy it?


Oct 23, 2006
I really like the looks of it on elux, the colors look very bright and cheery! It would be my first MC piece! I would be using it as an address book mainly...maybe as an id and money holder when going out. Anyone have any opinions on this piece? :confused1:
I held back on it because of the address book.. I don't use address books at all. But that's my own reason, and its pretty small too. I think it only has two card slots. I would hold out for something bigger. Good luck with your decision! :biggrin:
I have one too and I love it, but I tend to use the white MC one more. They do fit a lot though and they're super cute! P.S. I use it as a card case, not address book. =)
The black MC in this was my FIRST ever LV! I use it as an address book and also have one of those clear photo holders slipped in the front pocket, which I have some small pictures in. My personal tip: Instead of using a ballpoint or flair pen to write in my addresses, I use a pencil -- no bleeding ink that way!