I have realized something important about my H personality...

  1. ...I'm not a Birkin girl. At all. Which is funny because I love that bag, I think all of you ladies and gents look totally fab with them, and I get very excited over all the reveals. I love all the various colors and leathers and HW and everything associated with the fantastic Birkin. When I get to see one in person I may cry because it will be so awesome!
    But I will probably never buy one, even if I get the money. I will like helping people make decisions as to which color would suit them best or to heck with it, just getting what make their heart pound the most...and I'd love to hold one. Unless I come into a lot of money, in which case I would spend more of it on other people's wishes getting granted, I will probably not even lust after a Birkin.

    But if I get an iconic Hermes bag in my lifetime it will be the Kelly.

    Before that, even, I will have a Lindy, and then collect scarves, cadenas, and bracelets.

    I may change my mind someday, but I doubt it.

    Not sure how earth shattering this news is to all of you, but I just wanted to share something that I realized while sitting here thinking on a Sunday night! Thank you for reading!

  2. Hey - that's perfectly OK!!!!

    There are lots of ladies here that prefer the kelly over the Birkin!
    It's all about personal preference and there's no right or wrong.
    So feel good about it - hey, they're less expensive, more readily available, and someone in a Paris thread just mentioned all the chic ladies on the streets over there carry them more than birkins - so you're a class act, baby!!!!!!!!
  3. :roflmfao:

    Though if I were offered anything in Raisin and had the $$$...it could be a bag I'd never wear...I'd probably have a hard time turning it down...I could have a house full of raisin and never get tired of it...

    Thank you!!! I love watching everyone else's Birkin adventures! But I'm fine with just watching!!!

    My HG is a Lindy.
  4. Thanks for sharing that Candace. Not everyone is a Birkin gal - the Kellys are beautiful classy bags - hence named after a beautiful person - Grace Kelly. I think you have a great H attitude!!
  5. Thanks Penny! I actually prefer the styling of the HAC to the Birkin, if they were the only two bags left on earth and I had to have one (LOL@ 'having' to pick an Hermes:upsidedown::sweatdrop:) Still would cry if there were no Lindy, though...
  6. I also just noticed that your designhergal looks a lot like mine - same hairdo and color ;)
  7. What a lovely reveal! Not everyone is a Birkin-gal....I, myself, love the Kelly. It's such an iconic bag.....there's nothing like it!!!!

  8. awww....that's so sweet of you! :yes:
    It's ok not wanting a birkin, a lindy is fabulous too!
  9. hey that is perfectly fine. it is always best to know what one really wants instead of just buying because one thing is deemed "hot must have etc" by others. i have a friend who does not care for birkins nor kelly but goes ballistic when it comes to plumes she loves them and i think that is fabulous.
  10. Candace - I love your post. I think sometimes we get distracted by the "supposed to's" in life (i.e. You are SUPPOSED TO want a Birkin). Listening to your heart (and what speaks to you in H) is just the best thing in life! Thank you again for your post! :heart:
  11. I could not agree more!! I think the Kelly is an incredibly elegant, classic bag, and you will never regret owning one. Or more than one. :graucho: Sometimes I think the neatest part about Hermes is the introspection that goes along with narrowing your choices and waiting for THE ONE. It's awesome if you can do it without investing in the "wrong" things along the way--though of course for some of us around here that doesn't always happen (ahem, me, for one).

    As for trends, I am of the camp who wishes fervently that the next ultra-luxe "It" bag would show up, already, so all these "stars" will leave the Hermes bags alone for the true lovers of the brand (OK so maybe a few of them really care about Hermes, but not all of them).

    Last point: my SA has said lately that the Plume is considered uber-elegant in Europe, and is much more desirable than a Birkin there. Someone else mentioned that their SA recently said the same thing. So, different strokes for different folks--when it comes to Hermes it's all good!
  12. Thanks for the lovely post.

    Yes, buy what you love most!
  13. Cyn - very very true! And when I'm in it to win it (Sorry I had to rhyme that...old habit from a cheesy math teacher I had)...anyway, when I'm in it for the quality and diversity of leather, amazing color and craftsmanship, there are so many options! My goal when I love something is brand education...including the education of others. I'd love nothing more than to help oregonfanlisa bring brand recognition to Oregon! Not t he crazy celeb brand rec, but real appreciation!

    There are a lot of fun colors to choose from, but I can narrow it down to just buying everything raisin! Would make life simple. ;) Ok ok, you got me. Rose shocking, also.
  14. That´s so fine, the Birkin is not for everyone.
  15. Hee hee, you're so cute.
    You're right, though, of course. The amazing array of *choice* is what truly makes Hermes bags a total blast to dream about, design in your head, and then of course, gasp over and fondle and ultimately love and cherish.