I Have Problems!!!

  1. I said I wouldn't buy anymore until Tutti and Trasporto!!!! I was tempted this morning, but luckily there were no Tokidokis at Loehmanns..

    I'm an eBay whore! I saw a storm hoodie and clicked on the buy it now with the quickness!!! Pretty decent price.. $89.. considering it's a bit less than retail with shipping and it's hard to find at the moment.

    I'm 8 months pregnant!!! I don't need a hoodie that won't zip up on me!!! AND I especially don't need a hoodie with a hot ass summer on the way! Hahahahaha i'm crazy.

    Well, motivation to lose the baby weight and rock an awesome hoodie!!!

    Hahaahah justified! I'm good!.... also i'm scared to tell the hubby I just bought more!:yahoo: :graucho: :wlae: :sweatdrop:
  2. uh oh... LOL, but hey! if $89 wasn't that bad for the hoodie then why not?! lol (i'm not so good with giving no-spending advice haha!)

    and 8 months pregnant? are you excited?! :]!!! boy or girl?! haha sorry if i'm all late on the news haha
  3. I'm very excited! I'm having a boy, I already have a girl and the hubs and I feel so complete now!

    We just went to the doctor's office yesterday and the doc. said he could be here as early as 3 weeks from now!
  4. really?!?! wow that's very soon!!!! :biggrin:!!! i'm excited for you!! wow, one girl, and soon one boy! a lot of people hope really hard for that to happen! you're lucky :]

    after lugging around extra weight for a long time, i think you deserve to treat yourself to something! <-- there's your justification to your spending, lol! there's always an excuse ;P
  5. congrats on your hoodie :biggrin: ...i agree with peachfuzz...you deserved it :graucho:
  6. lolz, you are crazy!@ toki is an addiction. lol. fight the addiction! haha.
  7. Hey, you don't need to actually zip the hoodie up. :biggrin:
  8. Your hormonal, that's easy enough to explain! And, afterwards you'll enjoy your new hoodie!:love: and your beautiful new baby boy!:yahoo:
  9. Is this your first child? I froze to death for a year after giving birth, even during summer, so I wouldn't discount the hoodie factor.
    Besides, it's a good price for that one. I'm still trying to find a good price on a men's hoodie in XL so I say :yahoo:for you!!!
    You can always blame the hormones.
  10. No, this is my second child. Hahahaha you're right. Totally valid purchase!!!
  11. Why should anyone fight the Toki addiction?

    Congrats on the baby and the hoodie!

    *yes, we are enablers on tPF... You weren't expecting castigation, were you?
  12. Congrats on your baby boy! Perfect now..one of each :p
    In regards to the hoodie...yay! you need to get some gifts for yourself :woohoo: