i have power again!!!!

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  1. after a pretty bad windstorm tore up the coast last week, our little beach hamlet didn't have power for 3 days (some places are still out...this would make it day 5.) trees down everywhere....my poor hubby got stuck out on the highway between here and the city on thursday night. he had to sleep in his car!

    i will never ever ever take my refridgerator, heat, or hot water (not to mention my flat iron) for granted again. :yes: so, erm....go hug your fridge or something. :smile:
  2. Wow that's awful, but glad it came back! I hate power outages. I'll give my fridge a little kiss next time.
  3. Oh wow you poor thing!!! Loosing power is no fun :smile:

    Glad its back on, though!! :smile:
  4. We lost our power for about 2 days, thank God it wasn't more than that. My grandmother, who's in her 80s, lost power at her nursing home for 3 days! She was freezing.
  5. I am doing a happy dance with you!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
    We lost power for 3 days as well and I am so happy to have heat, hot showers, lights and a working kitchen. It really puts things in perspective when you don't have the basics, even temporarily.
    We had to go live in someone else's living room for 3 days. I am so glad to be reunited with my home.
  6. I hear ya! I posted on Friday - I was just glad to be alive! We had a tree fall in our yard and narrowly miss the house and cars. It's sad that people have died - even more so that they could have prevented their deaths by being smart! You do NOT ever barbeque inside the house!!! You can't smell or see carbon monoxide. Sheesh.

    Glad you have your power back. I am a little surprised by how many people are still without. We had ours back less than 24 hours later. And even that seemed like an eternity. I can't imagine how I'd feel with 3 days!
  7. Losing power is such a nightmare.
    I know this doesn't help, but here's what may have been worse - losing water.
    I once was trapped in a place where the water supply to the entire town was cut off for 24 hours. I could not brush my teeth, wash my face or flush the toilet. It was terrible.
  8. good to hear you got your power back! My Aunt and cousins were without power for 5 days, they had to use kerosene heat which doesn't heat up a place very well! We were lucky enough not to lose our power.
  9. Really glad you are all ok... that weather is terrifying!