I have pics of some Chanel accessories...

  1. both old and fairly new ones

    I did the screen shots about 2 months ago but never got to posting them up...

    would've posted them here but they are TOO big.

    here's the link to it:

    hope u guys enjoy them :nuts:
  2. WOAHH!! tons of pretty stuff to drool over!

    thanks so much elyn! im still drooling as i type
  3. Oh wow! Thank you so, so much!
  4. LOL you're welcome

    see how obsessive i am saving pictures of all the things i can't have :drool:

  5. Wow, thanks for posting!
  6. ooo this is great~
  7. Oh all those bracelets...:love::love::love:
    Thanks for posting!
  8. :drool: WOW~ Thanks for posting :heart:
  9. Oooh thanks for the morning eye candy!! I bet Lambloveschanel has half of those style earrings LOL. Im sure she'll enjoy this thread!
  10. wow that is a ton of chanel!!! thanks so much for posting!
  11. Thanx for posting!!...Wish they had this stuff here!!
  12. wow! what a collection!!
  13. wannabelyn,

    Wow! I just cannot believe you have posted such an enormous collections of the accessories. Both you and the collections are just great!!!

    Thank you!

  14. So much fun to look at. :biggrin: Thanks for posting these.
  15. So much to look at! Thank you!