I have ONE hour to decide...PLEASE HELP!!

  1. I have this Zac Posen bag saved in my cart, but only for one hour, and I can't decide! I love the color, but haven't seen it IRL. ANd I'm not sure if it's the bag I love or the deal, as it's on sale for $620 from $1550!

    What do you think? Your honest, and even brutal opinion is greatly appreciated!
  2. If you are not sure about it, maybe you can purchase it and then return it if you don't end up loving it as much?
    I also love the color, but I'm worried about how that bag would hang on my arm since the handles look a little long.
  3. I have to be honest with you but I don't really like it.

    Sorry! It's amazing quality I'm sure....but it's a bit too plain for my taste....something's missing.:nogood:
  4. It's...OK. I don't think it would catch my eye if someone was carrying it and I always question my falling in love with colors online when they come out looking different in person.

    I agree that if it is returnable, consider the shipping cost as a cost of home inspection.
  5. I have to be in love with something to spend that much money (although it is a deal) and the stye of this bag bores me.
  6. I would let this go.
  7. if you have to hesitate - it is probably not worthit...
    and you are hesitating now
    even if it is a deal....

    because if it is a bag i want and it is on sale at such a great price - I would have bought it already...
  8. I've seen this IRL, I think it's really nice. But if you're ambivalent and you can't return it, don't chance it!
  9. You all have brought up really great points! Thank you! I really like the purple color, and have been looking for a purple bag for a long time. But $620 is still A LOT of $$$, even though it's a deal, and that's probably what I'm falling more for.
  10. Hovercratier, would you say it is big or heavy? Please tell me more :yes:
  11. Agree. Yawn.
  12. I have to agree with others... it may be a good sale but if I didn't know what the original price was I wouldn't pay $600 for it... cute but kind of plain... for $600 I could have a LV Speedy 30... and who couldn't use at least one one of those!!
  13. ^^^Very excellent point! Thank you!!!
  14. Nooo....too unforgettable for that kind of money! Even on sale!
  15. I don't like it. Too boring. Not something I would look and say wow and ask you where you got it. It's forgettable.