I have officially enered the dark side!!!

  1. I was in Boston over the past weekend and actually stumbled into Hermes while having a smoke, strolling away from the Four Seasons. I had just come down from waking up, so I was in a black Prada trench, No makeup, ponytail and Kelly. I tossed my cigarette out of my O shaped mouth and screeched - "Hermes is here?????":nuts: , Opened the HEAVY door and B-lined the SA at the counter. I said, "do you have any Birkin's in the back?" (as if I Knew her for several years)
    She said with a *sigh*, "only one exotic"

    I said, :shocked: "Ostrich????"

    She said, "No, Lizard"

    I said, :shocked: "What size???"

    She said, "25cm"

    :shocked: I said, "What color?"

    She said, "BLACK!!!!"

    I said "Here is my credit card!!!!!!":biggrin:

    I am thrilled and drooling on a constant basis. This is my new evening bag!!!!:love: and I am now officially on the DARK SIDE!!!!!:devil: My DH does not know.:devil:
    25.jpg 26.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg
  2. oh my, that is so pretty.... I love how you shared your story, very concise and to the point...
  3. OMG!! Congratulations!!! What a wonderful story and black lizard is absolutely divine! Is it ruthenium hardware?
  4. I forgot to say it is Ruthenium HW. Hope you all like it! I am picking my son up from Kung-Fu now, be back later!!!:nuts: :jammin:
  5. HOT and MATTE ! that is sooo rare i loooove it lucky you :flowers:
  6. Wow! How gorgeous is that?? Congrats, Star!!

    I don't mean to be rude, but may I ask how much you paid for it? I know prices of regular birkins and croc, but not lizard..
  7. Ruthenium is awesome!! It's modern and edgy!
  8. Star, you should watermark your photos, those are well taken pics and you wouldn't want some idiots stealing them and hawking their fakes on ebay!!
  9. Star... congratulations.. beautifule beautiful bag :heart:
  10. What a beautiful addition to your collection. I love both of your bags. Congratulations!!!
  11. CONGRATS STAR; what a gorgeous and unique bag!! I loved your play by play btw--talk about an unexpected purchase!!!
  12. wow star you are getting really good at this hermes thing:yes: ...!!!! enjoy shes a beauty.....:heart:
  13. wowzers! black lizard is gorgeous!! what a lovely birkin!!
  14. Wow!!! Stunning purchase. I'm still admiring Gigi's purchase and now this! I am going to dream about Birkins in my dreams!
  15. Congrats!