I have now blotted my perfect eBay record

  1. I feel bad as I am sure I am going to receive a NPB in the near future.​

    Recently I placed a bid on a MJ Stam that looked like it was the real deal – the day after I placed the bid I put it in the authenticate this thread on this forum where to my horror I was told it probably was a fake as the listing was using someone else’s pics.​

    I sent an email to the seller saying that I wanted to retract my bid due to circumstances beyond my control (I couldn’t out and out say they were frauds) without solid proof. I told them that if the auction were to continue to the end without my retraction being given that I would be a NPB.​

    I tried contacting the original owner of the pics (a lovely tPFer gave me the eBay contact) to see if they could confirm that the pics were indeed theirs – but unfortunately they haven’t responded to me. I also contacted eBay putting forward my case for placing a bid retraction (this will be my first one and I am embarrassed).​

    Since then I have looked at a Fendi B Bag that the seller also has listed and I notice that in several pics the bag is a real Fendi but then there are pics of a fake as well. This seller has been very astute in integrating their pics with “borrowed” pics to try and prove that they are selling the real deal.​

    I am so angry with myself for not checking on the forum first and I guess also angry that I was so stupid not to see things in the pics that I can now clearly see.​
  2. If the auction hasn't ended yet, can't you retract your own bid?
  3. The only options I get when trying to retract is:
    1. Wrong amount
    2. Seller changed description
    3. Cannot contact seller

    Or contact the seller if the reason for retraction is not one of the above.

    It is actually really limited in choices for retracting a bid.
  4. just choose wrong amount and don't replace it.. at least you won't get the strike. but do it before the 12 hour mark. or is it 24??
  5. I'd do the same thing. It's better than getting the strike and neg feedback! :smile:
  6. Yeah I have retracted and not bid. Just do it so your not bound to the auction.
  7. It is too late it has gone beyond 24hrs - I am hoping that eBay will see that the item is a fake and pull the listing as I have contacted them. When they get back to me I will point out the sellers other listing which is fraudulent and they may take that into consideration. I guess I would rather have the Neg than spend the money on a fake bag.
  8. I just read throught the eBay policy on retractions and following your advice Cherll, skigirl73 & Luv2BuyBags I retracted my bid by saying I put in the incorrect price. Oh well I will see what happens now but at least I feel better that I won't be wasting good money on a crappy fake article. Thanks ladies!
  9. What is the item link? We could all report it to ebay... Have you done this yet? I'm sure it will strengthen your case w/ ebay.
  10. I hope the bid retraction works!! Good luck!
  11. Hi purse-n-boots I think you know me from a couple of recent purchases (my eBay name is different to my tPF username) so you know that I am a reasonable person to deal with.

    The two items I am talking about are:

    I probably should post the Fendi in the authenticate section. Take a close look at the flap that passes through the buckle it is "peaked" in several shots (which I think are the "borrowed" pics) and then suddenly the same bag has become rounded on the same flaps
  12. Thanks thithi I have received a confirmation from eBay that it has been accepted but I will I will feel better in a day or two if nothing else suddenly gets emailed to me.
  13. Unfortunately ebay doesn't have a desciptor that fits most of the reasons for our bid retractions. It is too bad. (Item is a fake)...
  14. I think it's perfectly ok to retract your bid in a situation like this. As a seller, I don't think it's a big deal when someone with one bid retraction bids on my auctions. If you do it every day, that's a different story. I would have put "seller changed description" as my reasoning, because even though she didn't technically change anything, she did fraudelently describe the item. I wouldn't worry about it. Retracting a bid is definitely preferable to winning the auction and not paying, even if you have a legitimate reason. You'll be fine!:smile:
  15. Agree with other, if it's not left 12 hours only, you'll be able to retract your bid and for me, I prefer - & NPB strike than pay for the fake :yucky: