I have nothing to wear

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  1. I dont like any of my clothes anymore. I just want to get rid of everything and start over. My current clothes are too casual. I want to dress up a bit more.

    Anyone ever start fresh?
  2. aww..

    not officially, but basically yes. my first phase heading into college went from old navy and gap tees to what i considered to be "dressy," which included like AF henleys, layering tanks, polos....then i started going even more "dressy," into BR and JCrew looks, like dress shirts, sweaters over shirts, accessorizing, and now I'm into the dressy look that includes cardigans over dresses, skirts and boots, etc. Each phase I enter into, I still keep the stuff from the older phase in my closet, but i usually don't wear them unless i'm doing laundry or something...and then eventually i make peace with myself and accept that i won't wear them, and give them away or donate them. it's totally normal! i think that's why a lot of us stand in front of a closet full of clothes and think, "i have nothing to wear!"
  3. lol.. i wore A&F in like 8th grade. now im a lot dressier.. i wear banana republic..express.. anthropologie.. urban outfitters..etc... idk if im gonna change.. probably be a LOT more dressier when i go to college.
  4. Its tough because I have pretty much decided I hate everything I own except for a few pair of shoes.
  5. Middle school i wore basically american eagle and hollester. Now i am buying almost all designer clothes. although i try to shop on the off season for deals. BCBG, true religion, max mara, burberry, marc jacobs, citizens of humanity, juicy couture, etc... I love xlothes, and i want to fill my closet with the best things. But i am off to college next year, and i have the feelingi will have to watch my money a bit closer. But i plan on getting a job at either Macys or Bop (shop bop, madison has a store on ST street and im going to the UW) so at least i'll have a discount. I am a clothing addict
  6. I always want to sell all my clothes and buy myself a new wardrobe.
  7. Yes, every few years my style 'evolves' somewhat and I purge and start over. This also happened after I lost about 35 lbs 3 years ago and (yay!) got rid of a lot of stuff that was waaay too big.
  8. i went thru a denim phase, juicy phase, abercrombie. now i'm into banana rep and jcrew because that's all i can really wear to go to work... if i were in college i'd be in jeans everyday!!!!
  9. I've had one fresh start, because I just got bored with my then looks and wanted a new style. I think it's fun to throw things out and start again :smile:
  10. i've purged things over the years, but never everything. i lost about 40 lbs and either sold or donated a lot of stuff because it didnt even CLOSE to fit. then i got to buy a bunch of new stuff at places like anthropologie that normally wouldn't have fit me before the 40 lbs left.

    actually, i guess i did purge entirely when i lose weight, it was just over a period of time instead of all at once. and the clothes i bought afterwards were definately dressier.
  11. I did. I went from about 175lbs to around 100lbs in a matter of about 9 months.. i'm STILL working on selling all my old clothes. In the process i also completely changed my style, so it's definitely been interesting..
  12. Wow, congrats!

    I've dumped my clothing and started fresh at least three times. I can def. identify with the feeling of looking in my closet and not seeing a thing that I would wear, it has happened so many times. Maybe I'm too moody.
  13. Seeing as how I didn't really have fashion sense in the first place or a vast wardrobe, I dont need to purge per se' but I do need to stop putting money in bags and start investing in a nice pair of jeans! I keep noting stuff when I go to bloomies.

  14. Me too! Especially now - I am completely waaaay over winter. I'm tired of wearing thick clothes.

    But I'll keep my fur coats.
  15. Congrats sammydoll that is an awesome weight loss. I have lost 13kgs or 28 1/2 pounds over the last 3 months and none of my clothes fit me either so I have been having a fabulous time buying new clothes. Don't you just feel so much more confident now?