i have nothing to wear this with!

  1. i bought this Banana Republic bag for $118 on vacation in the US this summer, i have since realzied i have nothing to wear it w! all my clothes seem to b black! what would u wear this w? can i wear w this black?
  2. You can absolutely wear with this with black. I remember seeing you post this question before as I have seen this bag before.
  3. i think you can wear it with black
  4. of course you can wear it with black. it's a neutral. you can wear it with absolutely anything.
  5. Wear it with black. It's a neutral. I wear my mono LV with black all the time.
  6. I agree - the shade of brown seems like it would work just fine with black - enjoy! :tup:
  7. I think it would look fine with black. Go for it!
  8. I really like that bag! I could see it with a black turtleneck...
  9. i think that shade goes BEST with black actually. mocha colors, not so much ;)
  10. I don't see why not. But then again I wear everything with everything.
  11. Of course you can wear it with black! You can wear that color with anything. I think jeans and and a white tee would work too. It's a very classic looking bag.
  12. I remember seeing this bag in the stores, I think it's great and that you can wear it with lots of things. I'm not a matchy-matchy person (I don't worry about matching my bag to my clothes or shoes, for better or for worse!) but, as others have pointed out, it's a very versatile brown.
  13. As long as your clothes are casual, you can wear it with any colour.
  14. I'd wear it with any colour too!