I have NOT had good luck at this PCE... *pics*

  1. Okay, this is a happy tone thread, don't get me wrong - I have resigned myself to knowing - I just am not going to have a good PCE event this time around...

    First - the Alicia sunglasses were found to be un-orderable, after I put my order in.

    Now - I've received the rest of my loot, and... I don't really like them. Cute in pictures, but not actually on ME. ;) Took pictures just for you guys, before I take them back today. I was very close to keeping the red ones, but my feet hang over the sides in an odd way?? I don't think I can deal with that - so they would just sit in the closet. Back they go~!! I am keeping one thing from my intial order - a Legacy Ponytail scarf (not pictured)... Big spender, huh?

    Today, is my last resort trip. I will be returning the shoes, and seeing if anything else catches my eye. I scoured coach.com this morning and EVERYTHING I seem to be wanting is out of stock... An omen, maybe?

    So, here is what I am considering instead, however I have no idea if I will come back with anything: Perfume Ponytail scarf, Perfume 3/4" bracelet, Heather pumps in Chestnut (coach.com doesn't have my size), Nicole flats in khaki/gold (coach.com doesn't have my size), Ergo hobo in white (we're going to assume I won't be able to order this), Ergo accessories (ditto), Pebbled Shoulder Tote in white.....

    Should I just give up at this point??? Enjoy the pics anyways. :smile:
  2. Oh my gosh guys!!! I just realized I have over 1000 posts!!! :yahoo:

    Good grief... I am here way too much.
  3. Sorry to hear about the things that couldn't be ordered - that happened to me too. I really wanted the nicola or noel flats in either persimmon on turquoise and they were sold out of both in my size and neither can be ordered! After re-reading your post, that might be an issue for you too (sorry!).

    The ponytail scraf is adorable though!

    Oh well, it helped us save $ in the long run . . . I actually only wound up getting the Rhea sandals, a flower cell lanyard, multi-patent flower keyfob and a gift for my RAOK partner. My dh lost our camera, so hopefully, he'll figure out where the hell he left it soon and I can post pics!

    Congrats on over 1000 posts! I'm here way too much too! Good luck on your return trip!
  4. LOL... thanks willowsmom!

    How do you like the Rhea sandals?? I was considering them - but thought they would look funny on my feet too... Although they looked lovely on someone in an issue of Lucky.

    I guess it is an omen for saving money... ;) Take pics when you can!!!
  5. Oh, on a side note if you're looking for the Nicola flats - on the website it says they will be available on May 8!!! That is a heck of a long time to wait, but considering my birthday is May 5 - it would make a great b'day present to myself!! :yes:


    I'm not sure what size you're looking for willowsmom, but it looks like they may be restocked in May, I don't know. There's some hope anyways!!
  6. I'm definitely going to check back in May - my bday is May 25! I love how the Rhea sandals fit - very comfy and adjustable, so if I "expand" at all in the heat, I can adjust them!

    Now as far as how they look, I have "funky toes" anyway, and I've just learned to deal with them (it's a family trait - my grandfather, mom, me and now my daughter all have them). But they look kind of funny in pretty much everything, especially from the side! LOL!
  7. I found your sunglasses in a ton of stores, i'm going to pm you!
  8. Those red sandals are just adorable! So sorry you don't like the way your feet look in them. I hate my feet so I always hope people will pay attention to my sandals and not my toes....lol
  9. Bags4Bubbles:

    I am sorry you were not able to get the stuff you really wanted. Why don't you go back to the store and see if you can get the Ergo Hobo in white. Hopefully the SA
    will let you order it. Good Luck!
  10. I am so sorry to hear that nothing worked out for you...but do consider it a sign of saving money because soon enough a new line will come out and maybe there will be more that catch your eye!
  11. I see in another thread that a great SA found you your glasses!! Yeah for you. I need new glasses, but I have to try them on, they all fit my face different.
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Yea for sprinkles!!!!

    I am not putting all of my hopes into it, just yet - as I know these things can always fall through.... but, due to a fantastic SA :graucho: , my sunglasses were found in just a handful of stores!!! I was able to order them directly from that store, and hopefully they should arrive around the end of the week!!! I will post pics as soon as they arrive!!!

    I am super excited!! I took back the shoes in the picture today, and ordered the Nicola flats in khaki/gold, which aren't available online, but the computer still said they were available!! So after one final order tomorrow - I AM DONE!! My credit card is BEGGING ME to be done... If I end up getting the other pair of shoes I'm looking at and another bbag, we could be talking banned from the mall for a VERY long time.... :sweatdrop:

    Or... you know - until there is another big sale going on... :whistle:
  13. ^^ Yeah for you!!
  14. No bans until we party at my store tomorrow! We're going to be trouble for eachother! :graucho:

  15. You are on, dear!!! :p

    Party tomorrow!!! :party: Friday, the ban begins!!!