I have no willpower

  1. Don't ya just hate it when you try to have willpower, and you're just going in to 'look' and yet you leave the store with a bag?

    How do they do that!?

    This was my purchase.

    I've wanted the Soho Sig Hobo for a long time, but since they've been deleted I found this one instead which is really similar and I love it even more. I even got a nifty doggie charm for it. (which may have to go on my key ring since it jingles too much)

    Sigh. I need Coach AA or something. Now I'm lusting after the Ergo Hobos. Help!
  2. LOVE IT!!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Wow, that is a great bag! I've never seen it before. :smile: Thanks for posting the pic.

    I know what you mean about the willpower thing. I don't even want to think about the amount of money I have sitting in my closet right now. *sigh* Thankfully though, willpower isn't my problem so much as lack of padded bank account now, so I am very capable of going into a store because I literally can't afford to buy anything right now. *LOL*

    Now when I have money in my account, that's another story...*L*
  4. What do you mean the Soho Sig Hobo has been deleted? I was planning to buy the large Sept 1....:crybaby:

  5. The Soho line is no longer in full price stores. You may be able to find the bag you want at an outlet, though.

  6. Yes ... yes.... Sep 1.....an Ergo Hobo will be mine.....
  7. Congrats! Yep coach sucks all the willpower out of you...
  8. ^Oh, that's for sure! I have a bag that I've been meaning to take in to the boutique to be sent for repair and I keep putting it off because I am afraid to go there and see the new stuff. I have no willpower or self discipline when it comes to Coach and I just know that I'll walk out of there with something.
  9. love it, congrats.
  10. I SO want a hobo right now.. -sigh-
    I really hope they have one, or at least something else I like at the outlet
  11. That's a beauty!
  12. "Hi. My name is Yvonne, and I'm a Coachaholic!"

    I have no willpower whatsoever! I just stay away from the mall so that I 'm not even tempted. I'm thankful that there's not a Coach boutique on the way home from work, or I'd really be in trouble! :yes:

    BUT...I've had a ton of time off in summer, it's HARD to stay away! This is why I am on the couch with the laptop, lusting online, with my purse and CCs strategically placed FAR AWAY in the bedroom. It's too much effort right now to go sneak in the bedroom with DH sleeping (he works nights), find my bag, grab my CC, buy something, then try to be home and get the box before he does.....

    How many more days until October? That's when I can 'officially' shop again.