I have no willpower....my ban lasted 3 days!! I'm very very bad!

  1. Well, I started off the new year saying that I am NOT going to buy anything at ALL this year. I am totally happy with everything I've got and am going to enjoy USING them!!!!

    Okay, that lasted exactly 3 days. Here it is January 4th, and I've just spent $900 on Eluxury!

    I bought the 4 Key holder and Zippy wallet in the new Pomme d'Amour. (the new red color)

    I have no willpower at all. In fact, I'm not even that excited because now I feel guilty.

  2. Well, they are beautiful pieces!
    It's early in the year, so you can start your ban again. A year might be too long though. Why not try for July? :sweatdrop:
  3. I know what you mean...But now you have great pieces!
  4. Don't feel guilty Traci, beautiful pieces. I am still on ban and try to be strong..Congrats!!!Can't wait to see the pics!
  5. LOL, just like the rest of us!
  6. In fact this was a pact that me and hubby made together. To really support each other to not buy anything we don't really need and save money for 1 year and see how well we do.

    I feel terrible now. How the heck am I gonna hide a big ole red wallet from his eyes???? oh jeez
  7. such as life, you'll get over the non-excitment as soon as the package is delivered to your house!!!
  8. I love the new red......beautiful choices Traci. Well, you could start your ban now;)
  9. that could be a problem, ha! ha! ...nothing life threatening to worry about!!;)
  10. Tracy-I got the pochette wallet in the new red and I'm getting the envelope clutch too. I am planning on using it in my Manhattan PM and I think you might be doing the same...to cheer you up, I'm gonna tell you, that if I'm right, you have impeccable taste! :p Please embrace your style and class and try to get over your disappointment in yourself! It's gonna be fab!:love:
  11. Don't feel guilty...life is short, enjoy it, they are beautiful!
  12. just be honest. maybe he too will find it SO stunning that he has to have you have it!
  13. Congrats! :yahoo: I was very close to buying the zippy wallet myself, ended up with the Lexington instead. Please post pics once you receive it!
  14. Oh don't feel bad! It's really hard, I know. Enjoy your pieces!
  15. I want pictures of the key holder!!!! That's what I want! Congratulations!