I have no business even thinking about another one..

  1. It has been 3 weeks since Eluxury delivered a white MC trouville to join the family which consists of a Mono Speedy 30, Montsouris GM Backpack, make up case, and a small white MC agenda. Now, I am thinking someday I should add a black MC. What is a good style to get? Should get a nice used one due to cost? Please help me with my latest obsession.
  2. My first thought was a black MC Trouville, but since you have a white one, are you looking for more variety?

    How about Alma?

    or a pochette accessoires?
  3. Lodge PM!
  4. Lodge GM! Both me and Gergirl have the Lodges and LOVE them! right?
  5. Oooh, how could I have overlooked that? I like the Lodge even more than the Alma, but not as much as Trouville, LOL.

    Great choice!
  6. Thanks for the sugestions, I will take a look at the lodge. I do like hand held bags and the ultimate would probably be the speedy but its pricey. Does the Alma have short handles like the trouville or longer like the speedy. I love the trouville but its tough to carry on the arm with the shorter handles. I love the PF, its so nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks so much about LV.