I have no appetite. Has this happened to anyone else?

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  1. For about a week now I have had no appetite. The idea of food gags me. I have dropped about 5 lbs but the problem is I don't need to and I am starting to look like a soup chicken.
    Has anyone else had a loss of appetite? Did it come back?:confused1:
  2. you might be getting sick. A cold perhaps?
  3. Are you going through an unusually stressful time? Could it be psychosomatic, perhaps?

    (I seem to remember from other threads that you are a psychologist (or in the field)... but if I am wrong, please forgive me. If you are a psychologist you would probably know best/most objectively if the weight loss is a result of stress or not).

    If not, I'd make an appointment with my GP for some labs and complete blood panels. Just to cover all bases!

    Take care.

  4. Good idea. You have an amazing memory! And congrats on the twins, double your pleasure!
  5. no. . . . but is it wrong I'm jealous? LOL!

    Get yourself checked:yes:
  6. Hey Irish - Having no appetite can be a sign of many things...Definitely get yourself checked. I've also heard that it can be a sign that you have guilt over owning too many bags and need to start giving some away to your buddies :graucho:
  7. ^^^^^^^
    but seriously, you could be suffering from some anxiety?? how are you sleeping?? talk to your doc!!
  8. This has happened to me a couple times. I just lose my appetite for a few days. I don't it was stress related, cause I never have anything to be stressed about (thank God). I had to FORCE myself to eat cause I can't afford to lose any weight. It will happen them go away for months then happen again. Weird.
  9. exactly what I was thinking... :angel:

    nonetheless, it's never good to feel like things aren't quite right with your body and health, hope you feel better :flowers:
  10. it has happened to me before... most recently, during this past summer. it was stress related, though. i lost just under 10 lbs., but eventually gained about 5 lbs. back... i didn't eat much of anything for a whole week, and gradually got my appetite back 3-4 weeks or so later. i'm fine now, i just had a lot to deal with at the time.
  11. the only time I've ever really really lost my appetite was when I had pneumonia. I dropped like 10-12 pounds in aweek
  12. The only time I lose weight like that is when I'm sick. Get yourself checked.....at least you'll have peace of mind that there's nothing physically wrong with you. This could be adding to any stress you are under.
  13. If you simply just lost your appetite, then that sounds normal. I had this problem like about 6 years ago during the summer time and my doctor said that this is normal. It can be caused by various factors, he said. One huge one for instance, can be stress.
  14. But of course, always get yourself checked just in case. ;)
  15. Yes, sometimes when I'm super busy, I forget to eat, and don't miss the meal. Other than that, it was illness related-everything from colds to GI problems. Like evryone said, lots of causes, but if you're worried see your doctor.

    I also should mention during those times I had no apetite, I would drink lots of water, meals in a can like ensure/slim fast, or milkshakes/smoothies. That way I'm getting calories in, and not running the risk of getting dehydrated. Hope that helps.