I have new stuff!

  1. I'm very excited over all of it and couldn't wait to show everybody! I've been sitting here waiting for my satellite internet connection to be restored during thunderstorms the last two hours!

    Here are pics of my new things! Everything is brand new and just received in the last week -- and the little tote, phone/camera strap and sandals are from my mom! My satchel came last week and I received the crimson stripe accessories and red keyfob last Friday and LOVE them!


    maycoach.jpg maycoach (1).JPG maycoach (2).JPG maycoach (4).JPG maycoach (5).JPG
  2. Wow!!! Beautiful bag and I love the crimson items!!! It's all really pretty!!
  3. Love all your stuff! Congrats!
  4. cute stuff! love the sandals and the crimson accessories!
  5. BEAUTIFUL! :nuts: The Crimson accessories are GORGEOUS!
  6. Thanks everybody! I love the crimson! (Need more now!)

    And thanks, Sarah, for the help in ordering them!
  7. So pretty, love the satchel and the crimson accessories!
  8. Lovely purchases!! congrats!
  9. Beautiful things! I like how the crimson stripe accessories contrast with the bag, and I really like the sandals!
  10. fun fun fun!

    good stuff! congrats
  11. I love them all. Do you have a pic of you modeling the satchel? Congrats!!!
  12. I agree, everything is beauteous! I love the crimson stripe, it so pops!
  13. o0o, yes! Can we get pics of you modeling the satchel, it's gorgeous! and the crimson stuff is tdf, whew, you made very beautiful choices!
  14. beautiful satchel!

  15. Love everything!!