I have new shoes!

  1. I fell prey to the gorgeous pictures of Stinas and catcat's nude patent 110mm yoyo! It just happened I was at a Baby shower 6 minutes from the Philadelphia Saks today and they had my size :p. They have several other sizes, if anyone is interested! Also below are my magenta (box says fuxia) patent 85mm Simple pumps that I had to buy for over retail cost on eBay since the never released them in the US. I love them! I wore them to a retirement dinner with a plain black dress and they looked fantastic!!

    Unfortunately I can't do a modeling photo of the Yoyos. I dropped a can of fruit on my big toe six months ago and it's been growing out - the top half of my nail fell off :yucky:. I hope within the next two months it grows out enough that I can wear them in the spring! But Stinas and CatCat have already provided better modeling pictures than I can of them!



    Thanks for looking!!!

    P.S. The magenta ar more purple looking in real life than in the pic. The lighting in this photo isn't the best!
  2. Very Nice! They look wonderful on! Congrats! :woohoo:
  3. Thank you, LaDoctorFutura! I have fallen in love with the Simple pump! Pictures don't do it justice!
  4. Congrats. Both are absolutely gorgeous!!!
  5. lovely congrats! the nude yoyos are just divine shoes .. so feminine. I feel like they completely change my outfits when I wear mine. They are must have CLs. I totally know what you mean about dropping something on your toes. A few weeks back I dropped the refrigerator drawer on mine and I have two bad cuts .. made me hide my toes for a while!
  6. Thank you, oo_let_me_see & ladaatomica!!

    ladaatomica, I hope your foot heels soon!!
  7. I LOVE Yoyos! If I ever see them here I have to grab them! Congrats on your perfect new shoes! Your nail will grow back so quickly! (The same thing happened to me once, but it was my whole nail!)
  8. :love:
  9. Love the color on your simples!! :yes:
  10. Gorgeous shoes!!! I especially love the Simples :heart:

    Sorry to hear about your toe nail! A few years ago a heavy wood barstool fell on my big toe, and bled under the nail so my whole nail had to be removed by the doctor. It took a year to grow back, then after it finally grew back I stubbed my toe and half broke off again. LOL! Luckily that time it grew back really fast! It sure was hard going so long without open toe shoes, so I feel your pain!!
  11. oooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOve love love those simples!!!! and of course the Yoyos!
    Sorry about your toe!!! You can always still wear the Yoyos in the house! :graucho:
    I do!
  12. Congrats!!! I love em!
  13. Oh you will love having them both!! I just love the magenta it patent!!!
  14. LOVE the shoes! I hope your toe gets better soon!
  15. Nude yoyo's just make me :drool:
    I just :heart: the simples. Oooh, I'm jealous :p