I have never thought I love her, but now I DO ^-^ (with pix...)

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  1. Didn't have time to introduce her to you gals in the last weeks and now here she goes...

    I saw her when I visited local Chanel boutiques but just took a quick glance on her and didn't care about it... just thought it's a LONG cluth

    About 2 weeks later, I went to Chanel boutique with my friend again and the SA showed me a metallic blue double sided clutch with gold chain which is the same size as mine (10" x 4.5" x 2")... I tried it on, OH, it's unexpectedly stunning, u know, I didn't care for it as I thought it's a bit weird with double sided pockets... however, I had hesitation on it due to the double sided thing and thus I put it down and shopped around... about 3 minutes later, I spotted her... my love :heart:....

    Although I have a metallic black in 226, I picked it right away... haha, just couldn't help loving it :love::love:, it's chic but classy, nice for casual and formal events...:yahoo::yahoo: It would be super if it comes in metallic red, but the SA said local Chanel shops only have it in black, anyway, still love it :P:P

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  2. By the way, here're new members in my small Chanel family :P

    1st photo (from top to bottom)
    08 Metallic black w/ gold hardware in 226
    08 Distressed black w/ silver hardware in 227 (Mobile Art version)
    08 Metallic black flap clutch

    2nd photo (from top to bottom)
    08 glazed pink lambskin jumbo
    08 Distressed black w/ silver hardware in 227 (Mobile Art version)
    08 Metallic black w/ gold hardware in 226
    08 Metallic black flap clutch

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  3. Wow coffeebaby congrats on your scores! Love the glazed pink jumbo!
  4. :yahoo: Congrats! how do you like the drop of this bag? Double sided one is fun, but wish the compartment don't have that barrier. Model pix :drool:!
  5. [​IMG]



    Lovely bag...congrats:yahoo::yahoo:
  6. [​IMG]


    Awesome chanel collection, love them all.....esp ur matte black reissue;)
  7. It looked fabulous on Rachel Bilson, and I'm sure it'll look drop dead gorgeous on you! So show us some modelling pics please :woohoo:
  8. lovely collection :smile:
  9. Gorgeous clutch! I LOVE all black Chanel bags too! ;) Congrats on the clutch, we want modeling pics!
  10. what a sexy clutch! and great collection!
  11. Gorgeous clutch and lovely collection!!

  12. Yeh, it's gorgeous ! But I have been torn in deciding whether keeping it :girlsigh:... i'm almost broke for buying these goodies :sweatdrop: :P and may let it go if i can find a sweet new home for her...

    here's a close-up on her

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  13. Congrats on the new clutch, it is pretty. Your collection is also very nice.
  14. Your Chanel family is so drool-worthy! Congrats on the new addition!
  15. I love your clutch reissue. It's beautiful and functional!!

    I saw this purse at the Tysons Corner boutique in black and navy. Had it been made in patent red it would have been shipped. The patent red they had, I could hardly tear my eyes away. The huge minus for me was the accordian effect. It's looks as if it's on sterioids; I so wanted to sit on it to flatten it. Don't ya know the patent red is available in the double compartment reissue. Each section is a mere 5 inches. Won't fit a checkbook ledger. What kind of hell is that? Just being cute doesn't cut it, it's got to be functional as well.