i have never seen this style...

  1. I really like that style. I bet it looks good on! I have never seen it in real life though.
  2. Oh I like this style, I actually almost got it in dark brown but decided to go with Trish instead.
  3. i've seen it once at the boutique. it was probably one of the less popular styles in that line. it seems that the hudson and trish got the most attention.

    you heart the striping line don't you, tuffcookie? :yes:
  4. how can you tell? hah i LOVE the striping line. :heart:
  5. That's really pretty! I've never seen that bag IRL. The pics make it look gorgeous!
  6. Great bag. I have never seen that one. I am surprised it wasn't more popular. What other colors was it made in?
  7. I believe it's called the Slouchy tote.. I saw a bunch of these a while back on sale at Bloomies. I think it's cute!!