I have never seen this before

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  1. Nice towel!
  2. LOL :roflmfao:..... yep its a towel:yes:
  3. Gorgeous, I never knew there was an antigua towel either !
  4. The Louis towels are great! I love my cherryblossom one, it is like a huge blanket. I use mine every summer.
  5. very cute!never seen too!!!:nuts:
  6. That is so cute, I love it!
  7. Yes, I think these are on louisvuitton.com. They are soooo expensive though. I love them but I could never pay that amount for a towel!!
  8. Lol, the towel has a dustbag.
  9. Cute towel!
  10. I saw this towel last time I went to my LV. They had it sticking out of an antigua tote. My friend thought it was a gift with the purchase of the bag I said no way!! LOL It is cute but not worth the money
  11. Cute!:biggrin::heart:
  12. It's cute but I'd have a hard time making myself use it. Maybe by the pool but NEVER to the beach. *shudders*
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