I have never been so mortified!!

  1. OK so today I went to a gravesite funeral service for a distant relative. I live in Arizona, so at 11 am when the funeral started it was already at least 100 degrees and somewhat humid from the monsoons. It was standing room only, and the service lasted for at least 30 minutes. :sad:

    Well, right as the military people who were there finished folding the American flag (the person whose funeral I was at was in the military, so they were there to honor them) I started getting all wobbly and almost passed out!! My grandma grabbed me a chair and people started dumping ice cold water all over my head. I was SO EMBARRASSED!!! Everyone was looking at me and I felt like I "ruined" the funeral (if it is possible to ruin a funeral, that is).:crybaby:

    My mom even had to drive my car home for me b/c everyone was so concerned!! Has anyone else ever done something completely embarrassing (yet uncontrolable!) in a delicate situation??? Someone make me feel better, please!!!! :shame:
  2. I haven't, but I bet my day will come when I make a complete ass out of myself at the wrong place & time. The most important thing is that you are alright!
  3. Not a delicate situation but I did the same thing out on the street in downtown minneapolis. I'm just going to chalk it up to too much alcohol in a short amount of time and sinus pills lol, but I wasnt even tipsy so it was rather embarassing. Keeled right over in front a few hundred people!
  4. I once had an uncontrollable coughing fit in the middle of a wedding:wtf:
  5. Dont feel bad..You couldnt help it......Im sure they understood with the heat and all..Hope you are feeling better!
  6. Thanks guys:smile: You make me feel better!

    LOL Alchohol and sinus meds def. do not mix!!!:lol:
  7. OMG, those are always the worst!! I usually tend to get those in the middle of "quiet" things, like classes, weddings, lol
  8. 1. i've been standing waiting on the lift on my apartment with like 20 people and one girl was whispering to me that my skirt which had a side zipper has broke off and all this time and about an hour at the mall before, i might get side thigh & underwear exposed :P
    2. i've spend 2 hours on a mall with my 2 out of 3 butterfly button on my levi's open
    3. i get a BAD CRAMPS during an important meeting my face got all pale and the clients was offering me drink and stuffs, and i ended up cuddling on a big sofa outside the meeting room waiting for my partners to finish the meeting before thet take me home
    4. i fell from the balcony in my school trip and get a major bleeding on the forehead and left trail of bloods in the hotel, someone thought it was someone's blood from menstruation :P
    i ended up with 8 stitches and a BIG BANDAGE on my forehead through all the trip, and i'm wiht my white bandage still had a great time on the dance floor at a club on that very same night (the doctor must give me a GREAT painkiller)

    some bad things happen, buy you'll get over it :P
    it'll be fun to laugh in a few months or years in some case :smile:
  9. Okay, here's mine....I was at work one day and we decided to go to the deli and get some stuffed peppers. So, my friend and I sat in her office and ate. About 20 minutes later, I get these horrible stomach cramps, like I am going to keel over. Then I realize there is only one thing that does this to me.....red pepper!! I am allergic to red pepper. It makes my stomach do convulsions, and it lasts for around 2 hours, I get the sweats too. So, I had to sit in her office with my pants unbuttoned for two hours and could not move. Everyone came by and saw me and wondered what was going on, I was so embarrased! But, I could not move! It was horrible. I am usually very very careful about red pepper, but this time it just snuck up on me!
  10. I finished my undergrad degree during the summer (of 1977-yes, I am old!). Summer grads at that time still got the ceremony, didn't have to wait until the following spring. Suffice it to say it was HOT! The ceremony was held in the (un-airconditioned) gym at the university. Of course we are packed like sardines, wearing our little caps/gowns and DYING from the heat. When they called my group to stand I stood with everyone else. The speaker droned on....and on.....and on.... I suddenly got woozy and fortunately sat down before I passed out and didn't even try to stand back up. It wouldn't have been so bad but that all the grads were seated on the floor of the gym, so all the family members (several THOUSAND) had a really clear view of us, including my family. After the ceremony, my mother made a point of letting me know I was seen by all. Thanks Ma! :yucky:

    When I finished my Masters, I decided to pass on participating in that commencement ceremony....:rolleyes:
  11. Oh I am sure they just thought you were upset. Things always happen at funerals. Dont be mortified. It happens :smile:
  12. PS- it could have been worse..I went to a graveside service and an elderly woman passed out and FELL IN THE HOLE ON TOP OF THE CASKET..............................eek..Not kidding....it was her best friend of over 40 years that died..and she almost went with her.
  13. aww thats so sad/cute
  14. That's alright!! I'm in Arizona too. Everyone knows how the heat is here, especially with the humidity from the monsoons lately. Don't worry about it :smile:
  15. OMG your stories are cracking me up!!! Some of them are better than a Saturday Night Live skit! Thanks for the laughter, guys:smile: