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  1. I could use some help deciding between these two bags: the Vince Camuto Cristina Hobo in taupe leather (not the leather/suede one) which I can get for about $165 or the Michael Kors Newman in Taupe/Snakeskin which Macys has for $249 but for some reason its not on their website. The VC is obviously scumptiously soft and the crossbody is adjustable. It slouches really nicely. Both bags are the same size on pretty much. The MK is obviously more splashy with the zipper detail but might go out quickly for that reason. I think it would hold up better but I am also very careful with my bags - another reason for not going with suede. Can you guys take a peek and let me know what you think? :graucho:


  2. Wow, we have the same taste. I have been eyeing those too and personally for me, the Vince Camuto appeals to me more, I love the simplicity and all the colors it comes in.
  3. I love the Vince Camuto one.
  4. Definitely the Vince IMO
  5. I like the Vince better too (I like it Rosedust though :rolleyes:)
  6. The Vince Camuto looks very nice...love the RoseDust color.
  7. I would choose the Vince Camuto Hobo. I like that hardware on the strap, I like the look of the leather. I've never seen a VC bag IRL but it looks lovely.
  8. Vince Camuto for me too! Gorgeous!
  9. Vince Camuto would be the winner between those two for me.
  10. They're both gorgeous, but I too, would choose the Vince Camuto Cristina bag.
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    Thanks guys for all the answers to my plight. I too ended up deciding to order the Vince once I saw it in person. I just think it's a bit more suttle and although the hardware is larger than I like, the leather is just yummy soft and I think it will withstand the fashion world a bit longer. In the meantime, I ended up returning my Kate Spade flap bag and got the Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Hobo which I love, love, love. I have always wanted an MJ but none have been right so far. This one is a hit in the ballpark for sure for me. It too has an awesome soft pebble leather and is very lightweight. I am truly a happy camper today! It helps to have help with these things for sure - it keeps you from running toward whims. Glad that you're all here. :P
  12. You are so lucky! I LOVE the "Too Hot To Handle" hobo!! I fell in love with it the instant I saw it in the Nordstrom catalog. That bag looks so freaking gorgeous! I'm so envious of you! Use that beautiful bag well! Enjoy her! :heart: