I have my new Coffer yay!!!!

  1. It's white , omg I love it so much. The leather is so soft and the pockets are great ,I really love this bag . IT is so unique. IM happy :love: :love: :love:
  2. Congrats Sjunky13. =) Post pics.
  3. ok but im in pj's lol so i will try and hide myself lol let me find some batteries
  4. I love this bag, but then again I love white bags with beautiful hardware. The leather is so soft I"m very pleased.
    000_0123.jpg 000_0124.jpg 000_0125.jpg 000_0126.jpg
  5. ok here are some pics
  6. That is one drop-dead gorgeous bag. I'm beyond jealous! :drool:
  7. woops here they are
    000_0123.jpg 000_0124.jpg 000_0125.jpg 000_0126.jpg
  8. What a gorgeous bag. I love Miu Miu.
  9. Nice!
  10. very nice. Congrats.
  11. Very nice. Congrats.
  12. That's stunning--the white looks great in the coffer. Congrats!
  13. beautiful, congrats!
  14. Ooh that's gorgeous! :drool: Congrats
  15. hey congrats on the new bag.. just wondering if the bag is too big for daily use? like when u are going to dinner with ur friends??