I have my miroir paps!!!

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  1. :nuts::yahoo: :nuts::yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:

    IMG_0901.JPG IMG_0903.JPG IMG_0904.JPG IMG_0910.JPG IMG_0911.JPG
  2. wow congrats misty!!! there gorgeous! glad you got them both hehe!
    how was the event? bet it was really fun ^_^
  3. OMG you have twins i love the gold:drool: :drool: :drool:
    i touched the silver one and didn't wanna let it go lol..
  4. Couldn't decide...lol! Why not both:graucho: !

  5. Congrats .. did you see a lot of miroir items there tonight??
  6. I saw NONE! :wtf:

    Apparently there's no pochettes in yet, and more speedy's coming in next week...but my SA even told me to be discreet when I was trying on/modeling the bags :blink:
  7. I know:yes:

    I liked the gold better when I was at the store. I got both just in case and now I can't get enough of the silver! I'm officially in :heart: :graucho:
  8. You should've came with me!! Rather than waiting across the river coz your bf didn't want to go:cursing: :rolleyes: :P

    It was alright, I prefer normal hours (day preferably), it was so busy tonight!
  9. Congrats Misty!
  10. Love them both! Congrats:smile: Enjoy!!!!!!!!
  11. congrats!!
  12. Congrats!!! They are both so gorgeous!!
  13. i wish i did come with you!! then i could check out your bags, since there so 'hush hush' about it. maybe next time :rolleyes:
    hmm since the pochettes arnt in yet, maybe i should go chat to my SA about them hehe. i wana join the miroir club too :nuts:
    thanks for the info misty!!
  14. wow u've got both colors!!! how fantastic....congrats!!!
  15. Thanks everyone! I'm so :yahoo:

    randomlily you're more than welcome to come with me to pick up my speedy(ies) when they arrive:graucho: I asked my SA and she said that if I wanted she could order some in for me and call me when it arrives? But I don't think there is a huge demand on those, so you should be able to get one without any problems:yes: