I have my miroir paps!!!

You should've came with me!! Rather than waiting across the river coz your bf didn't want to go:cursing: :rolleyes: :P

It was alright, I prefer normal hours (day preferably), it was so busy tonight!
i wish i did come with you!! then i could check out your bags, since there so 'hush hush' about it. maybe next time :rolleyes:
hmm since the pochettes arnt in yet, maybe i should go chat to my SA about them hehe. i wana join the miroir club too :nuts:
thanks for the info misty!!
Thanks everyone! I'm so :yahoo:

randomlily you're more than welcome to come with me to pick up my speedy(ies) when they arrive:graucho: I asked my SA and she said that if I wanted she could order some in for me and call me when it arrives? But I don't think there is a huge demand on those, so you should be able to get one without any problems:yes: