I have my Black Forest Bays

  1. Oh she looks stunning!!!:smile:
  2. What a stunning bays. Congrats!
  3. Well we managed it between us, maybe I will be able to do this again one day now. Would love to put up a family photo now there are 7 bags in it. Anyway, it's a beautiful bag and I will use it soon. What did you get Princess?
  4. go on over to here


    Black Forest is lovely but I think I need a more saturated burgundy or red for my skin tone... May consider her again in December.

    She was so beautiful though!!!! You will LOVE her!!!

    She would have been a definite if I didn't already have 5 bays! hehehehehe
  5. Oh! Congrats - she is divine :biggrin: enjoy her in good health!
    I want one too and there were only two in stock nearby...
  6. Beautiful Bays!
  7. She is beautiful, stopmenow!! Stunning! You should use her and enjoy her :yahoo:

    Wow, can't believe you had to get to the 6th one before you found one that was perfect - that shouldn't happen at all.

    Again, she is beautiful! I'm going back for another look at your pic :biggrin:
  8. thank you allfor your kind words. I am really looking forward to using it, need to get the spray out first. Thats my last bag for a while, I have 7 now, one for each day of the week. Any more and some would remain in their dustbags for too long.

    If I had another it would be a black bays, but I worry that I may then not use my black alexa enough. But thats hardly a bad worry to have.
  9. Oh, I love your bayswater in that color! Hoping to get my hands on a large Dorset tote in the same color when I go to NYC in October :smile:
  10. Such a beautiful colour!
  11. Beautiful bays, congrats!
  12. What a lovely colour and the leather looks stunning on this.
  13. wow, she is such a gorgeous bag!!! congrats, I want to get the Bella in this colour...
  14. That is one gorgeous Bays! I absolutely love that color! Congrats!
  15. Of course you could always go on to buy one bag for every day of the month......:graucho:. I know what you mean though, some of my bags definitely stay hidden away for too long between outings.

    Your new Bayswater is totally delicious - Black Forest is such a classic colour that it's never going to go out of fashion