I have my Anthra GGH work..and I love it..so does my cat!

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 6, 2009



    I will post better modeling pics of me and merlin later, but I was so excited i couldnt even do a reveal! haha
    Roey..if you see this...looks good right? thanks for introducing me to your anthra.
  2. Merlin is gorgeous!!! So is your Work :smile: And you wear it well!
  3. :nuts: i love MERLIN SO MUCH!!!


  4. Great bag!! Your cat has a beautiful coat! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. looks like 07 anthracite, yes? gorgeous nice, puffy leather!
  6. Gorgeous work, congrats! Your cat is beautiful
  7. Muhaha your cat is so cute.
  8. She bought it at Barneys NYC so it has to be F/W 08 because Barneys hasn't ordered anything in gold hw since that time. But to be sure, check the white tag inside the pocket to see if it says 2008 3. Anthra GGH photographs very blue (see my avatar from the 2008 3 collection).

    LOVE IT (and sweetie pie Merlin)! Let's see some close-up shots of the beautiful leather when you have a chance. Congrats on a fabulous new work!
  9. another beautiful anthra in the house! woot!! :yahoo:
    merlin is really looking more like a galet now beside your anthra.
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    Yay Roey....yep you're right...
    I will defintley take better photos later, I can't stop looking at her.
    I don't think i will be lucky enough to get GSH like you!
    But I am more than satisfied....Our bags look like sisters...haha
    I loved your bag so much...Thanks for your guidance :yahoo:
  11. yes lets face it Merlin is not Anthra at all he is Galet..oh well!
    Thanks MSMD
  12. [​IMG]

    Merlin is defintley Galet with GGH!
  13. ^^ merlin is ADORABLE!!!!!! j'adore merlin :biggrin:
    and your bag is gorgeous - the leather looks insanely chewy and smooshy. congrats and enjoy ;)
  14. [​IMG]


    It really is amazing the way the color changes in different lights, it goes from grey to green to blue depending on how the light catches her, all hues are TERRIFIC..can you tell I'm excited?
  15. gorgeous work! i need to get me one!