I have more scales than an alligator handbag...

  1. Ugh, winter...
    It's 15 degrees in Chi-town, and my poor skin, hair, nails, lips, feet, etc. are suffering miserably from the cold. Indoors, it's not really much better.

    My apartment is in the upstairs "servant quarters" of a 125-year-old Victorian house, and has the original radiators. (It's not as "charming" as I thought it would be... it kind of sucks, actually...) My downstairs neighbor, in the main part of the house, controls the heat settings, so I'm either freezing or frying up here!

    My skin is horribly dry, flaky, and unbearably itchy right now! I use body lotion daily, but it's not doing anything for me! Any suggestions? What brand of daily lotion does everyone use?

    HELP! :cursing:
  2. I like Burt's Bees, put on right after getting out of shower, while skin is still moist.
  3. i vote for aquaphor for REALLY chapped areas, super dry spots, eyelids/lips.

    for the rest of your body, vaseline intensive cream/lotion or the bodyshop body butter.
  4. I use baby oil on my entire body after every shower (I don't use a towel and put it on while the skin is still wet)

    For the face I don't really have any great suggestions (except from using lip balm constantly during winter, which I do) :flowers:
  5. Sounds like your really uncomfortable, I feel for ya! I would moisterize twice a day. Morning after shower, and then again before bed. Even something as simple as vaseline intensive care should do the job. I know what you mean though this cold weather sucks for skin, that and the heat. Good luck.
  6. I recommend Amlactin, it used to be rx but you should be able to get it over the counter now at your drugstore. Its really strong, doesn't smell good or bad. Its meant for really dry skin, I only use it once a week if necessary and I use Neutrogena light sesame formula or Aveda body lotion daily.

    If you decide to get it, make sure your skin is completely dry before putting it on, and you don't have any cuts b/c it can sting alittle.

    The Aquaphor suggestion is good one.
  7. Aquaphor is great for really bad spots and lip balm. I just bought Lubriderm for extra dry skin, it's ok. Waiting to hear some good suggestions here!
  8. Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil is great on the skin. Apply it to your skin before towel drying from the shower, wait a minute or two and then blot dry with a towel. Similar concept to the earlier post about baby oil but this smells better!
    But even better: a salt or sugar scrub. I personally use Scrub in a Tub from The Salt Project. It's a professional line but I am sure you could find one in your local drug store or ask your skin care professional.
  9. Loccitane used to make a spray oil. I'm not sure if they do anymore (I stocked up because I love it so much!). I spray it on when I get out of the shower - still wet. Works great.

    If their product isn't available anymore I would recommend the baby oil.

    I'm about 90 miles north of you and freezing mao today. So I feel you!!
  10. I would exfoliate with a body scrub every few days and use something like Aquaphor, Eucerin, or body butter. During winter months, I use BBW body butter or cream instead of just lotion.
  11. the body shop's cocoa butter is amazing, as is their hemp lip balm.
  12. I know just how you feel. When my skin was the dryest I bought 100% shea butter from L'Occtaine. Not the 20% stuff ---the 100% shea butter in the large jar. I put it everywhere. It melts on your skin. It is not cheap. Even on my scalp,:heart: and gradually my skin became soft and beautiful again. Its heavy and greasy but I love the stuff. It doesn't smell bad either. Forget all the basic stuff--its winter and you need the big guns.
  13. You sounds a lot like me, though I also suffer from psoriasis which could be the cause for the extra skin cell growth (and I mean extra, the stuff grows by the second!!)

    It's actually pretty hard for my skin to absorb moisturizer so I tend to switch between a thicker more oily one and a water soluble lighter cream (without any oil).. it depends on the day, sometimes it will just sit on top of my skin and other times it will absorb.

    I tend to get organic creams because sometimes my skin feels raw, or I use the body shops vitamin E creams (doesnt' have much perfume and seems to do really well to renew my skin)

    Don't use too many oil absorbing masks if you do, they tend to sometimes make your face more dry. I use them in the summer when my face gets more oily.

    Nails are a huge issue with me too (psoriasis related again), if you have that problem with the skin right at the nail growth area try the body shops almond nail cream, it seems to do really well.

    It's tough, the weather can sometimes be horrible to our skin, I'm going through pretty much the same thing right now so I know how you feel *sigh*
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! Actually, I ended up getting a big thing of that Nivea creme that comes in the blue tin. My mom gave me a little tin to try out, and it worked like a charm! I guess mother knows best... :yes:

    She also bought me a small humidifier for my bedroom, which I turn on before going to sleep, and it's helped soooo much! I used to have sinus problems from the dry heat, and now I can actually breathe when I wake up.

    Again, thanks for all the suggestions, though. When I run out of Nivea creme, perhaps I'll try something one of you've suggested.
  15. i have the same skin,i use eucerin all over my body and it helps a lot.