i have miss you guys!! update me!!

  1. i'm trying to go through old threads and read them, but tell me what's going on?

    I see a ton of preorders that happened, lots of PCE talk and stuff - what did I miss?

    ***edit- pretend my subject line says "I have missed you guys" because apparently after a million hours of work, I can't type.
  2. oooh, you gotta go see all the raok stuff.

    and tell me what to buy because i can't make up my mind. :p

    the rest is trivial. (kidding!)

    we've missed you! hope you're getting enough rest, you crazy girl!
  3. Aw, hi sprinkles!! I hope you aren't working too, too hard!! Yeah, the RAOK stuff is cool! Lots of love going on there! And yeah, lots of PCE ordering going on too!! Poor Kallison! Hard to believe an enabler is having such a hard time deciding what to buy herself!! LOL! We're missing you and ms-whitney for sure!
  4. Oh! I've been wanting to tell kallison, the vintage tote comes smaller :graucho:, I just found out today- it's 548 I think.
  5. wait, what? the ergo one? (i'm SO confused today...hehe)
  6. because if kallison enabled herself into everything she wanted, she would not have tuition for her summer classes. :p

    that and the fact i want it to be THE perfect bag. (but no pressure).
  7. yessss!
  8. ^really?! :nuts:

    when is it coming out? april?
  9. I am just so proud of you today! I think I should adopt you and you can be my daughter and buy me Coach for Christmas and I can buy you Coach for straight A's!! And then we can trade Coach's when we're sick of them.... and we can go shopping for Coach together! hahahaha!

    OK, back to the tote.... you don't mean the Mauve do you? The vachetta one? I'm confused too!
  10. ADOPT ME! i still have my lie to my mom and tell her my bags were REALLY discounted (as in, all my bags cost $50 or less. oh, if she only knew!).

    do i still get coach if i make dean's list again? :graucho:
  11. Did you make the dean's list before and didn't get Coach? Dang, we'll have to get you something if you make the dean's list for sure! You need a little motivation, right? LOL! Coach or Godiva, one or the other or both!
  12. i know. didn't get a darn thing last time! oh well. i guess the whole "get a degree, get a job" thing should be enough motivation. (of course, it is...except i'm planning on doing 2 years of peace corps).

    sorry for hijacking your thread, sprinkles! you want some coach too? ;)
  13. *whispers* I want some more tory burch reva flats, red and navy please. Also if you want to throw in a massage too, I would love that. I deserve an A!
  14. ^^ Then I officially am awarding you an A+!!! You probably do deserve it with all this PCE stuff going on! We should all meet somewhere at some spa and get massages.... OK, a girl can dream, right?
  15. oooh. a massage. now THAT sounds good!!!