I have made a decision!

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    I was wearing my leopard NPs Monday, and all I heard everywhere I walked was the slapping of the shoes against my feet. Does this bother anyone else? It bothers me SO MUCH that I will no longer buy NPs or slingback types. I like the VPs and I am stickin to em.

    Am I crazy?
  2. Coincidentally, I was walking around the house the other day breaking in a pair of Decoltissimos and I was having the same issue! I was also going to ask if anyone has had that problem and how did they fix it?
  3. MKWMDA, I wonder if adding slip pads on your heel will help prevent that? I have done so with my slingbacks and it helps a little. Also adding an "elastic" band to the sling will tighten it on your foot also helping to prevent heel from moving.

    I dont have any NPs but would love to and it shouldnt stop you from getting more in my opinion if it works out!
  4. I'm not sure if my situation would be the same as yours M, but I've encountered some 'slapping' as well wearing NPs. Taking smaller steps seemed to help. :smile:
  5. I have hugely long legs and a long stride, so I dont think smaller steps are gonna help. :sad:

    The back band of the NPs is SO tight that it creates a deep indent in the back of my foot within minutes of wearing them. And they STILL slap. It is just SO irritating, I would basically glue my foot to my shoe to make it stop if I could.
  6. I've NEVER had a problem with mine. Some styles are just not meant for everyone. :crybaby:
  7. Mine have been ok (I just have the Architeks), but if the heel pads don't help you may have to just stick with the VP's.
  8. Try shorter strides, maybe?

  9. I only have one pair of NP (which I still love!) because I'm not crazy about slings in general. I like my feet to be secure.
  10. I think thats how I feel. I adore my leopards, but the slapping is annoying, and feels like they arent secure. It wont stop me from wearing them, but it will probably stop me from buying more NPs.

  11. Awww thats too bad! I love NP's, and VP's both are great its good your able to find similar styles and colors in both so you wont have to loose out on style
  12. I rarely buy slingbacks or mules for that very reason. I hate that noise.
  13. I have 3 pairs of slingbacks(2 NP & 1 Activa) I dont have that "slapping" problem with the NP's but I do with the Activas. I do have the same indent problem with only one of my NP's.
    Putting a heel liner will probably soften the slapping sound. I dont really think there is anything you can do about it really. Let it slapp away lol
    For the indent problem...footpetals makes those sling slips things...I forget what they are called. I have never used them but a few of the girls here have.
  14. For me, the more noise I make the better. I like my shoes to be seen and heard. :P