I have lots of designer shoes, but I get the most compliments on a pair that cost $15

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    I wore these guys to school this week, and it was compliments galore! I bought them when 6pm was having a 25% off sale, so they were only $15.


    I also wore some $500 G. Fantini boots, and nobody said a word. Makes me wonder why I bother to spend so much on shoes! :shrugs:

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  2. Cute! I love the colour. :heart:
  3. Kachesle...too funny! I have the same thing happen to me :smile:
  4. oh there funky!..love the color!
  5. LOL I know what you mean. I have lots of designer shoes but the ones that get the most compliments or 'where did you get those!' O.O are the shoes I got at Target or Payless. So I'm sure most assume that's where I get all my shoes.
  6. Cute shoes!!
  7. Cute flats! That happens to me all the time, I get the most compliments on the cheapest shoes...
  8. Very cute! Great bargain too! :smile: