I have lost my mind! Dh is having me committed!

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  1. Okay ...I get a call from my outlet that they got some resort ponytial scarfs in. They knew I was wanting one (or 2). So I did a charge hold for 2 scarfs. That is how it always begins ...with one piece LOL!.

    So the next day I head out to go get them and low and behold they were unpacking the matching accessories...the minis, cosmetic bags and the clutch....all at 50% off. The clutch is cool because it dups for a wristlet. Well you know me by now, I have to have the all the "matching" pieces. And at 50% off ??? Why not! I did pass on the keychain fob at $25 .... It was tough :smile:)

    So I come home with is...

    But on my way home I'm thinking how cure these pieces are BUT I don't have any bag that will go with them and I certainly do need to be buying another bag..... But navy blue would work well and maybe they would have something inexpensive in navy...... To be continued...Can you guess what I did???

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  2. LOVE the accessories...and, well my guess is you went back and bought a new bag in navy...hmmmm....but which one?
  3. We know u did what anyone of us "sane" coachies would do, you went and bought a bag to match ur accessories. :yes:

    Love it!!
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    Yes and No ...I decide to go back and "JUST SEE" what they might have in navy that would work...... I walk in and the manager says "we have some new resort pieces .....but you have to see this one Tote we just got an hour ago. It is the ONLY one...." Holy crap, 50% off BUT 50% off of $630?? Not what I had in mind to match my accessories that started with a $10 scarf ... So I am walking aroud the store with bag in hand and notice a small snag on the back. I point it out and because they did not have any more she said "I can give you an additional discount." YIKES.... now I'm down to $240 for a RESORT TOTE????? I HAVE TOO RIGHT???? BUT IT IS SOOOO NOT ME:yahoo: That is why I'm so suprised with myself....I'm heading for the loony bin!

    And now that I have all the pieces SOOOO>>>>> I might as well get the fob too RIGHT??? ...I am already OVER the TOP.... and to think it all started with a scarf....

    But no wallet??? What to do? HMMMMM? Can't have a set without a wallet....So I decided the clutch woud work and I would throw in a purple amanda cosmetic bag for a wristlet... Yes there are 2 cosmatic bags in the pic......The Amandas were marked down to $15.00 today....

    Way over the top??????? THIS IS SOOOO NOT ME!! But I'm Loving it IDK???

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  5. I wish that my outlet would have had these ones there today!
    There are so many colors in this Op Art line that you can use them with any red, navy, coral, berry or lt. blue (pond) bags you have.

    I ended up getting the berry satin cosmetics case and the OpArt keyfob.
    How could you pass that baby up? :shrugs:

    So did you buy a bag to match while there? Do tell!
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    So now the set is complete and it is way over the top. Hubby hates it but his vote does not count. So I'm sitting there staring at it and thinking I'm glad it is a summer set because I don't have a hat that would work LOL!! AND THEN IT HITS ME....YES....believe it ot not, I DO have a hat for this set....I bought a blue summer fedora that I never wore ....and drum roll...............I knew I had to live up to my hat reputation ......so here it is!!! :wlae:Please forgive the scarf. It was just thrown around the hat in hast...

    NOW you can tell me the entire set is over the top!!! or support my hubbys petition for institutional committment! :P

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  7. awesome! you need a group pic of this set with the hat too!

    it may seem a little OTT but hey, the accessories stay in your bag and you are the only one who enjoys knowing that they match perfectly! :love: who cares if it's OTT or not! :nuts:
  8. We must have posted at the same time last time!
    So you did get the key fob too hahaha.

    And the berry satin cosmetics case is awesome.
    You can always use the skinny mini as a wallet.
    Fold your dollars into quarters and they work great as wallets, in fact they are all I use!

    Now that made me laugh out loud!

  9. I'll do it in the morning. I didn't even think about the hat until after I took pics and put the accessories away. But I just had to share what I had before I went to bed....because I'm thinking I'm lossing it....:nuts: I never in a million years would have bought something like that bag .... I guess I'm looking for support to keep it :yes:
  10. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the bag!!!!

    You are definitely the :queen: of Coach Matchy Matchy Set!!! =)
  11. you're definitely not losing it! :nogood: it's a fun, cheery and vibrant set and the perfect alternative from your full leather sets on those days when you feel like it! :tup::tup::tup:
  12. oh my! wad a collection!
    im so envious!

    i've only been to the outlet at desert hills sometime ago(cos i stay in singapore) & i was quite disappointed at the collection they have there.. + the crowd was crazy!
  13. Oh My God! You scored big time. That is one very nice set. You did a great job again. Congrats to you. Thank you very much for sharing. I'm loving every set you had.
  14. LOL, great story.
    Great set!

    Just think of this forum as the institution!
    Doesn't it feel good to be among other crazies?
  15. I have that scarf on my Crimson Zoe and love it! The mix of colors of the resort print is beautiful and so is your set. I love how you make these sets because I always mix things up. I hope you enjoy you new set because it really does look great!